What’s in a Name – How Immersive Theater & Horror Companies Were Named

Names are powerful.  They are our doorway to a company. They are a handshake, a first impression. They connect us to their brand, informing us of what we should expect. They have the power to build a long-lasting relationship or turn away a potential customer. But often times more important than the name itself is [...]

A Conversation with Erik Blair and Thea Rivera on Immersive Theater

Below is an interview with Erik Blair and Thea Rivera of They Played Productions spanning immersive theater, audience participation, and future plans for their company. Many thanks to Kevin Hsu for filming the interview and Jon Kobryn for editing it.   LARPing and Ren Faire and improv, oh my! Erik Blair and Thea Rivera of They [...]

Captivated – An Interview with Erik Blair & Thea Rivera of They Played Productions

Below is an interview with Erik Blair and Thea Rivera of They Played Productions regarding their episodic immersive experience, Captivated. Huge thanks to Kevin Hsu for filming this excellent interview and Jon Kobryn for his careful editing!    One of the more delightful immersive offerings from 2018 was Captivated: Act One - Justine From They [...]

Midsummer Scream 2018: They Played Production’s “Captivated: Mike” Delves Into a Deep Mystery

A particular highlight of this year’s Midsummer Scream was They Played Production’s Captivated: Mike, an interlude of sorts to bridge the gap between the first and second chapters of their three-part Captivated series.  This convention-sprawling piece picks up after the events of Captivated: Justine.  We stopped by comic artist Drew Rausch’s One Stop Spooky Shop booth […]

Fringe 2018 – “God: The Apologies Tour” Offers Answers

What happens when we die? Why do bad things happen to good people? Are we alone in the universe? Writer/Director Erik Blair tackles these questions and more in God: The Apologies Tour, now playing at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Part monologue, part immersive conversation, God: The Apologies Tour invites audiences to meet the Creator, along […]

Hollywood Fringe: 2018 Creators Set Immersive Expectations for Each Show

For the second year in a row, the Hollywood Fringe has designated “immersive theatre” as one of the official categories of performance for their yearly festival. This year we’ll be treated to a deliciously broad range of experiences from both familiar voices and first time creators stretching the definition of immersive theatre in a dozen […]

The Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018 – Staff Picks and Recommendations

Hollywood Fringe Festival Every June, the Fringe Festival takes over Hollywood. No space is safe as theaters, clubs, bars, parks, parking lots and even street corners become the setting for hundreds of  stories. But what makes Fringe truly unique is that it's open to anyone who wants to develop a show as long as the [...]

Captivating Immersion: An Interview with Erik Blair of They Played Productions

A relaxed evening in your friend Victoria’s apartment. Pizza, drinks, and engaging conversation. But all is not as it seems: a dark tale to unwind; an obsession to explore… This is “Captivated: An Obsession in Three Acts” by They Played Productions. The first part, “Act One: Justine”, taking place in North Hollywood on selected dates […]

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