Is There Anybody There? – Selling Our Souls for a Glimpse of the Beyond

Is There Anybody There? was the latest show from the UK-based juggernaut of immersive and extreme horror, Faceless Ventures. For one night only, eager patrons were entertained and spooked by this stripped-back yet remarkably clever one-hour experience, ultimately discovering how much we each value our mortal soul.   Please note: this article contains elements of […]

Captivating Immersion: An Interview with Erik Blair of They Played Productions

A relaxed evening in your friend Victoria’s apartment. Pizza, drinks, and engaging conversation. But all is not as it seems: a dark tale to unwind; an obsession to explore… This is “Captivated: An Obsession in Three Acts” by They Played Productions. The first part, “Act One: Justine”, taking place in North Hollywood on selected dates […]

Dark Corner Studios Releases Three Stunning New Virtual Reality Experiences

March 28th sees leading genre Virtual Reality studio Dark Corner releasing not one, but three new cinematic VR experiences, including Guy Shelmerdine’s notorious “Mule”, the indie thriller “Deerbrook”, and the Russian historical drama “Spacewalker”. These will be available on Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR, and Google Daydream headsets; as well as on Android and iOS mobile, exclusively […]

Interview with Darren Lynn Bousman and Clint Sears of The Experiences

An Interview with Darren Lynn Bousman & Clint Sears of The Experiences The Experiences saga began in early 2016 with The Tension Experience, an AR (alternate/augmented reality) journey into the heart of an apparent cult, which culminated with the live experience, Ascension, in November of the same year. Then, in February 2017, came The Lust […]

Daemon 9 is the Alternate Reality Thriller You Need to Play

DAEMON 9 Alternate reality games (ARG) and experiences (ARX) provide players with opportunities to discover new worlds. While ARX’s are often heavily personalized via character interactions and rely on the creator to move the experience forward, ARGs offer less personalized experiences that do not progress without the player’s involvement. These two genres have seen little […]

Ceaseless Fun’s Agnosia Explores Where One Person Begins and Another Ends

Agnosia, the new immersive show from LA-based performance and arts production company Ceaseless Fun, examines the impact of a loss, aiming to “look at what is left in light of what is gone.” Haunting talks to artistic director Derek Spencer about this first installment and what is to follow in their thematically linked season of three episodes, The […]

The Unmarked Door’s Rolfe Kent Invites us to a Holiday Camp with The Heart of Winter

This weekend, The Unmarked Door presents “The Heart of Winter”, a whimsical, light-hearted, and magical experience. But this isn’t your traditional holiday adventure—The Heart of Winter comes complete with polar bears, snowball fights, and an unfolding romance set to a backdrop of music and falling snow.   “Wrap up wintery and be prepared to dodge [...]

Genesis to Conclusion: Discussing Creativity with Heretic’s Adrian Marcato

MARCATO : HERETIC Heretic. A name whispered in underground trans-Atlantic communities with fear, awe, or a thrilling combination of both. A name synonymous with pushing both artistic and patrons’ boundaries in the realm of immersive horror. The man behind the name welcomes Haunting behind the curtain once again, taking us on a journey through his […]

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