Fringe 2018: Unmarked Door’s “The Witnessing” Teaches A Lesson On the Paranormal

Have you ever had an experience with the paranormal? The Witnessing has.    Maybe it’s not a common question, and the answer’s usually “no,” but it is the first thing you’re asked before attending The Witnessing, the 2018 Fringe Festival offering from The Unmarked Door.  The show centers, as many great horror stories do, on […]

Fringe 2018: Dream Walker’s Ghosts Explores Loose Morals for a New Audience

Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts, penned in 1881, can’t be described as the most accessible text ever written, but its criticism of 19th century morals and the controversy surrounding its content is still an inspiration to modern playwrights.  Due to its content Ghosts was, to say it generously, not universally praised at its initial release. But it’s […]

The Guest & The Host – Make Music – An Interview with Spencer Williams & Andrew Heringer

Music is universal and integral to our lives. It can transport us to a moment in time, amplify or suppress emotions, or even force us to reflect in the stillness. The creators of The Guest & The Host, Spencer Williams and Andrew Heringer, have incorporated their love of music into an intimate 90-minute immersive experience […]

The Stars Shine Bright in a Year to Remember from Ceaseless Fun

There are still tickets available for the final weekend of Ceaseless Fun’s The Stars. To purchase yours and learn more about the production, please visit its Hollywood Fringe Festival event page here.   “You’re not going to be immortal, but you can do better than most. You can leave an outline of yourself behind for everyone […]

Fringe 2018 – “God: The Apologies Tour” Offers Answers

What happens when we die? Why do bad things happen to good people? Are we alone in the universe? Writer/Director Erik Blair tackles these questions and more in God: The Apologies Tour, now playing at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Part monologue, part immersive conversation, God: The Apologies Tour invites audiences to meet the Creator, along […]

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