Captivated – An Interview with Erik Blair & Thea Rivera of They Played Productions

Below is an interview with Erik Blair and Thea Rivera of They Played Productions regarding their episodic immersive experience, Captivated. Huge thanks to Kevin Hsu for filming this excellent interview and Jon Kobryn for his careful editing! 


One of the more delightful immersive offerings from 2018 was Captivated: Act One – Justine From They Played Productions. Offering a sandbox experience that puts the agency in the audience’s hands, guests were able to play to their level of comfort to uncover the mystery of the Ely and his new wife, Justine. This experience proved to be engaging, intimate, and ultimately, fun.


If you’re curious about Captivated Act Two: Victoria, writer/creator/director Erik Blair and producer Thea Rivera discuss their new show and reveal a few interesting secrets along the way. Watch the video to learn more!

They Played Productions continues its psychological-horror immersive production, “Captivated: An Obsession in 3 Acts.” This is Act Two: Victoria, where you as the audience will become part of a sad event in the past where everyone around you has secrets. Whether they come out or remain hidden will be entirely up to you…


On the surface, this is the wake of a man taken before his time. Those around you have come to pay their respects. But as each audience member finds themselves face-to-face with the hidden motives of those you see, the true story of this event–and its repercussions to the future–will become clear. Captivated is a modern retelling of a classic horror story, one based on obsession, drive, pride and just a few dead bodies.



Have no fear, if you haven’t seen Act One, you can still attend this show and not be lost. Each show of the Captivated Trilogy works both as standalone piece and as a together as a whole.  Captivated Act 2 runs from August 17th through September 23rd. Tickets are available on Ticket Leap.

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