The 17th Door

The 17th Door is an Orange County based Haunted House that relies heavily on creative yet grotesque scenes and shock value. They take pride in getting people to use the safe word.

  • The 17th Door
  • 2856 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92782
  • Group Experience with Selected Individual Portions
  • Minor Contact; Claustrophobia; Shocks; Live Bugs
  • Narrative Focused with Themes of Rape, Drugs, & Eating Disorders
  • Focus on Gross-Out Scares & Safe Word Use.

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More about The 17th Door

Over a dozen new rooms have been created along with a mini escape room to take things to a whole new level from 2016’s event. The 17th Door now is over 34 minutes with more monsters, more scares, more of what you love and more of what you hate! Barely surviving freshman year, Paula has decided to return to Gluttire University. After an attempted suicide and a mental ward sentence, she struggles to pursue her fading dream of becoming a doctor. Frequent psychiatric evaluations force Paula to revisit disturbing childhood memories. Now dealing with a painful traumatic pregnancy, Paula remains desperate to escape her past. Nothing can prepare her for what comes next.… Sophomore Year. If you attended Gluttire University last year, know this: it has grown in both size and difficulty. The personal pig demons of Paula’s past still roam the campus waiting to haunt her… and you. Everything inside this decrepit institution, which assaults your five senses, is real. Your endurance will be tested as you progress through the twenty one unsettling rooms of this monstrous school. Can you walk in Paula’s shoes through the dissolution of her life and burning flashbacks of her past to withstand what’s behind that final door? Can you endure over 34 minutes of psychological terror or will you scream mercy to be escorted out of this nightmare? Are you brave enough to make it through… The 17th Door?

Notable scenes from previous shows include a filthy locker room, a freezing meat locker with real pig carcasses dangling from meat hooks, a claustrophobic room that drowns you in plastic play-pen balls, a lunch lady that assaults you with a dead fish and corndog, and a room littered in hundreds of cockroaches.

This haunt is fun for those who enjoy this kind of event–but those who are triggered by sexual assult, bulimia, gun violence, bugs, or senseless violence, you may want to pass this one up or join the many that say “Mercy.”



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