HELA Productions

A multifaceted immersive production company on the rise that specializes in crafting an engrossing atmosphere and compelling narrative no matter what variety of immersion they choose to operate in.

  • Los Angeles Area
  • Group experiences (In some cases Escape Rooms)
  • Tone and structure varies from project to project
  • Narrative based
  • High production value
  • Horror

Night Shift, an interactive horror experience that incorporates elements of escape room engagement with more traditional immersive performance and actor/participant interaction, continues its popular run with tickets available through December 3rd. The Count, a horror themed lounge, and Sexcapades, another limited run immersive show, are set to premier soon. The five Escape Rooms that comprise their Dr. X and Sideshow series continue to play year round.


More on HELA Productions

Beginning as a dynamic voice in the world of Los Angeles Escape Rooms, HELA Productions quickly set itself apart with its use of live performers interacting with the escapees and a strong sense of narrative justification. From there the company has branched out into other forms of immersive storytelling, from shows that still maintain elements of their Escape Room roots, to more stylized limited engagement narrative pieces, to curated lounges with an immersive twist.

HELA plans to continue to broaden its fanbase by cultivating free membership benefits for those interested in staying informed of their upcoming projects including special offers and invitations as well as extending their narrative reach by crafting ARGs to compliment their ticketed events. As they continue to generate their own material, HELA will also offer their services towards creating immersive environments and experiences for corporate events, etc.


Current HELA Productions shows


Night Shift

You begin your first night at your new job in an old warehouse: what horrors will you discover? Bridging the elements of haunts, immersive theatre, and escape rooms, NIGHT SHIFT fully immerses you in a terrifying storyline that is filled with objectives and interactions within a downtown LA warehouse. With two experiences to choose from, Regular Walkthrough Ticket and Full Contact Ticket, guests can choose the level of participation and physical engagement with the inhabitants of the warehouse.

Learn more about this experience and purchase tickets by clicking here.


Dr. X Escape Room series

Comprised of three different escape rooms of varying difficulty levels connected by the common story of the nefarious Doctor X and the inhumane experiments he subjects his live captives to: Captive Chamber, Doctor Office, and Zombie Lab. To learn more about the three separately ticketed Dr. X chapters and book the rooms, click here.


Sideshow Escape Room series

Comprised of two different escape rooms of varying difficulty levels connected by the common story of the corrupt proprietor of a carnival sideshow and the unfortunate acts under his employ: Ringmaster Quarters and TRAPPED! To learn more about the two separately ticketed Sideshow chapters and book the rooms, click here.

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