Night Shift is the Perfect Antidote to Post-Halloween Season Blues

You would think the Haunting team would have enough on their hands with providing you all with fantastic content, but sadly it doesn’t quite pay the bills over the haunt season. So, when we heard a local shipping company needed a new crew, a group of us jumped at the opportunity. That was when we began to hear the rumours: strange things going on with shipments, workers going missing… But it was too late to back out. It was time for us to clock in for the Night Shift



Night Shift DTLA Warehouse Owner



Located in a 6000-square-foot warehouse in Downtown LA, Rachel Foti and Robert Decker’s Night Shift DTLA is a truly innovative experience, taking various elements from escape rooms, haunts and immersive theatre: there are puzzles to solve, keys to find, and a collection of quirky characters to interact with, but no countdown to chart your progress. Without that clock ticking down the minutes, it would be easy to assume that the pressure of “getting out” in time would be off. However, from the moment you step into this creepy warehouse, you realise that time is still of the essence, but there is more at stake than achieving a record time.


Two levels of tickets have been available throughout the run: General and Full-Contact. The Haunting team never questioned our decision to go Full Contact, but be warned: you will be touched, you will get messy, and you may even be separated from your group. Your interactions with the characters within those walls can be unsettling as you battle alongside them with supernatural forces. This experience is only for those aged 18+, but it is an experience you certainly won’t forget.



Night Shift DTLA Clarice Doll



Working the Night Shift at a grimy, reportedly possessed, downtown warehouse is never going to be glamorous. As you search for answers, you will solve a series of puzzles that, although they may not be brain-meltingly tricky, will encourage you to utilise a variety of skills whilst being thoroughly entertaining. As you unlock doors, you will stumble upon a variety of elaborately constructed sets from alleyways to bathrooms to storage areas, made real by their astonishing attention to even the most disturbing of detail.


As you travel through the story, you will also encounter a cast of characters who range from endearing to downright scary. The Manager (Darius Cottrell) is a tough taskmaster, but he sets you off on your adventure with information and words of warning that you would do well to heed. The warehouse owner’s daughter Clarice (Amanda Thorp) will delight and confuse. Jonathan Hoskins’ “Lost Employee” will tug at your heart strings as he fights to save both himself and your team from the demons inside. And if you make it that far, the climax will find you face-to-face with an urban legend of epic proportions…



Night Shift DTLA Mirror



The perfect antidote to the post-Halloween blues, Night Shift DTLA is a terrifyingly fun challenge for horror fans and escape room addicts alike. The experience runs until January 1st; check out their website for more details. Make sure you clock in before time runs out.



Night Shift DTLA Haunting Team

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