Measure for Measure

Majestic Repertory Theater’s Measure for Measure Helps Define Vegas Immersives

As I read the prisoner his last rights, the mood in the tight room is somber, and my voice a little above a whisper. Once I finish speaking, the executioner describes the correct way to decapitate someone. I guess he won’t be doing his job today – it will be me. “You have to do it straight,” he instructs. Once the gruesome deed is done, I am left with a dismembered head in my hands. I bring it into the Mayor’s office as proof, but even after I release it, I can still feel its weight in my hand. Measure for Measure.


Measure for Measure was a fully immersive production put on by Majestic Repertory Theater in downtown Las Vegas. While this was one of their first immersive theater experiences, audiences were delighted with their prowess and talent. Based on the Shakespearean play by the same name, Measure for Measure adhered to its classical roots, but was elevated with Majestic’s twist. In this production, guests could experience over 30 different tracks across 6 unique rooms – allowing for deep and rewarding replayability.


Measure for Measure


Measure for Measure was truly fun. The dark moments, like the aforementioned execution scene, were always flanked by energetic, optimistic, and playful moments. A standout for me was the opening of the experience, in which the set was transformed into a 1970’s discotheque. Actors taught me how to do the hustle, I was thrust into a bridal party, and I even got my Polaroid taken.


The brilliance of the performers brought the experience to life and immersed me in their world. They were enthusiastic, engaged with the audience, and warmly welcomed me into the City of Lost Wages! The experience was filled with one-on-one interactions between audience and actor, allowing for moments of connection and intimacy. At one point, I became a friar and had to perform a wedding ceremony; another time I was handcuffed to an actor before being dragged off to prison.


Measure for Measure


The set design was brimming with detail, purpose, and beauty. Artistic Director Troy Heard fully transformed the space to brilliantly immerse the audience. While Majestic Rep is normally an unassuming theater on Main Street in downtown Las Vegas, inside it truly embodied the City of Lost Wages. Six rooms, revealing distinctly unique locales and tones, filled the space.


Majestic Repertory Theater is defining the Las Vegas immersive scene and Measure for Measure is a first step in the right direction. The strong, enthusiastic, and powerful cast and detailed set design are definitely worth the trip. My next trip to Majestic will be to meet the family in Krampus: An Immersive Experience.

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