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MurderCo: Pure Evil Infuses Extreme Horror into an Escape Room Setting

The best escape rooms immerse audiences in their worlds. Thus, the intersection of immersive horror and escape games was a logical extension of the genres, and a very successful one at that. From The Basement to Crossroads Escape Games’ The Hex Room, these rooms are always rated as top-tier games, even when put against non-horror experiences. But what would you get when you cross escape rooms with extreme haunts? Well, you don’t have to imagine it anymore because Black Market Escape Rooms’ MurderCo: Pure Evil is exactly that—an extreme haunt escape room.

Black Market Escape Room - MurderCo - Pure Evil - Escape Room - Extreme Haunt - Upland - CA


While previous MurderCo experiences pitted participants against one of Black Market Escape Rooms’ so-called artists, MurderCo: Pure Evil invites all four artists into the fun. This means that for 90 minutes participants will have to solve multiple rooms of puzzles with the added context of surviving numerous invasions, interruptions, and assaults from Oblivion, Juggernaut, Sideshow, and Maneater. This is full contact, this is intense, and this will push your boundaries. We recommend this for those of you who enjoy experiences like The 17th Door, Bl4km4ss, and other more extreme immersive experiences.

MurderCo: Pure Evil starts with a distinct opening that sets a more brutal tone immediately. Previous participants will remember the lavish opening room complete with a fireplace and comfortable couches—but Pure Evil does not offer that to you at the start. Instead, you’re led into a colder, harsher room and see a different side of Black Market Escape Rooms.


Black Market Escape Room - MurderCo - Pure Evil - Escape Room - Extreme Haunt - Upland - CA


While the puzzles may be similar to the original MurderCo, don’t expect to escape this game with ease—or at all. With the numerous interruptions to the game and the overall fear that comes standard to an extreme haunt, participants will find the ninety minutes disappearing quicker than normal and find it more difficult to think while trying to solve the problems. The fear of being assaulted by the artists is real, and the adrenaline forced us to focus more on survival than solving the immediate puzzles. We did not escape by a decent margin, but I don’t think the puzzles are the focus here. They are simply a backdrop to the interactions with the artists.

These interactions are the highlight for some guests. Ask yourself here if you like extreme situations or not, because if you don’t or think you might not, this is not the experience for you. As always, this is nothing to be ashamed of, and there are numerous Exit Doors throughout the experience, allowing any guest the opportunity to leave at any time. While this is being described as an extreme haunt meets escape room, don’t expect to be water-boarded or tased in this experience, but do expect strong themes, complete darkness, full contact, simulated sexual experiences, and aggressive touching. Also make sure you wear clothes that you do not mind getting messy—because they will get messy. You’ve been warned.


Black Market Escape Room - MurderCo - Pure Evil - Escape Room - Extreme Haunt - Upland - CA

Our comparison to The 17th Door and Bl4km4ss was purposeful in that the four main artists and some of the victims are actors from these established immersive experiences. The actors each excel with a unique personality and a specific taste for torture. Standouts are maneater, who is not afraid to push guests to the experience to prove he has the biggest dick in the room, and Sideshow, even if no one else was laughing at his jokes. Beyond the tormentors, the victims also are memorable, offering help to participants and chastising them when they are unable to count body parts appropriately. As with any immersive, the cast is the driving force to immerse audiences, and this group truly knows how to scare audiences.

If you are a fan of the more extreme side of haunts and have been looking for a scarier side of escape rooms, Black Market Escape Games’ MurderCo: Pure Evil is the perfect experience for you. But if you are not a fan of being aggressively touched, yelled at, or have any sort of PTSD, we recommend that you do not try or push yourself with this event. With that warning out of the way, this experience is an innovative new direction for escape games, and we are excited to see how this experience grows into the future. It’s easy to declare that this is easily the scariest escape room in the world now.

Black Market Escape Room - MurderCo - Pure Evil - Escape Room - Extreme Haunt - Upland - CA

Black Market Escape Games’ MurderCo: Pure Evil currently runs Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Check their website here for more information. To find out about similar immersive experiences, check out our event calendar.


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