Shine On Collective

Shine On Collective is a Los Angeles base theater organization that produced unusual and original performance installations. Their mission is to create unique, experimental and immersive productions that explore the human condition from every odd angle.

  • Shine On Collective
  • Los Angeles Area
  • Individual Experience with Rare Group Sections;
  • Full Contact; Emotional Content
  • Immersive with High Character Interaction
  • Surreal and Dream-Like Lens of Art

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More about Shine On Collective

Shine On Collective began as an experiment in 2016 when two friends created outdoor immersive performances along Santa Monica Boulevard for The Hollywood Fringe Festival. The female-led company has since grown and developed its own unique style and aesthetic, creating shows year-round that explore the humanity through a surreal and dream-like lens. We focus on creating immersive shows, placing the audience directly into the productions themselves, blurring the lines between reality and theater.

They love incorporating their audience into their cast of characters, breaking the fourth wall and all walls, dabbling in a variety of sensory experiences and media platforms, and any other adventures they can get themselves into.

Selected Previous Shows:

Sweet Dreams: Once upon a time there lived a young woman who dreamed of prince charming and true love’s kiss. But venture too far into dreams and you might end up missing. “Sweet Dreams” was an intimate immersive experience that lead guests through a missing woman’s dreams–or were they nightmares?

Devoted: Have you every felt true love? Devoted was an intimate and interactive look at how twisted and bloody love can become. The show was intense, dark, and unsettling as you developed a relationship with a girl named Cara, met her family, and looked at the world through her eyes.

The Truth: The Truth was an immersive theatrical experience that literally sent guests on a journey through Hollywood. When you arrive for the show, you are told a truth that seems difficult to believe yet eerily accurate: that you have extrasensory perception, an ability to see and hear more than the average human. Dr. Herbert Griffin, the leader of a strange and mysterious organization, has secretly been keeping tabs on people like you for a long time and he would like you to test his newest invention, which will amplify your spectacular abilities. His invention, he assures you, will further open your mind. Then he sends you out to explore the city with new eyes and ears. This is not a traditional theatrical production. Wear comfortable shoes and arrive ready to take a walking tour, during which you will encounter strange people who may or may not really be there, hear the thoughts of the passersby around you, and experience an unforgettable, dreamlike adventure.

One of Us: Come one, come all! See the strange and wondrous marvels of human nature at the freak show. But during tonight’s performance the show goes awry–the freaks are growing restless and beginning to rebel. After a psychic’s prediction, the freak show performers start going off-script and acting out, exposing who the real monsters are. In this freak-show-within-a-play, expect the fourth wall to be broken as the audience bears witness to the events that unfold in this creepy and unique theatrical experience. Performances go off the rails as audience members and freaks alike become unruly.



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