What’s in a Name – How Immersive Theater & Horror Companies Were Named

Names are powerful.  They are our doorway to a company. They are a handshake, a first impression. They connect us to their brand, informing us of what we should expect. They have the power to build a long-lasting relationship or turn away a potential customer. But often times more important than the name itself is [...]

Firelight Collective Offers an Intimate Evening with Stars in the Night

Firelight Collective captured both the minds and the hearts of the immersive community with Firelight.  This exploration of love, loss, and life presented into something so so generously intimate, so unabashedly poetic and introspective that audience members couldn’t help but be swept away. With it’s success came the bifurcation of the piece and a remount at […]

Hollywood Fringe Festival – Haunting Picks From Our Staff

Hollywood Fringe Festival The Hollywood Fringe Festival is an annual celebration where people can express their individual artistic talent through a series of conventional or unconventional performances. These performances range from immersive theatre to a horror musical to a political satire. But the ultimate idea of the Fringe Festival is collaboration. Theaters offer up their space to artists that [...]
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