Miasma: A Terror Experience

Miasma: A Terror Experience is an extreme haunt out of Chicago that uses heavy story elements combined with full contact to provoke reactions from the audience.

  • Chicago Area
  • Solo experiences
  • Narrative-driven experience with strong acting
  • Extreme haunt with horror elements
  • Full physical contact; nudity; blood; electricity
  • Psychological, intense, and graphic
  • Short Runs (usually only one night)
  • 18+ event

While no future events have been announced, this experience is looking to expand outside of its Chicago birthplace.


More on Miasma: A Terror Experience

Miasma is a show that grew out of the creator’s personal dissatisfaction and a desire to truly connect with an audience. This experience is an extreme haunt that is story focused, without forgetting why the guest arrived – fear, emotion, and exploration.

“When we are in the dark with each other and I see you are reacting, there is nothing more satisfying for me and hopefully for you.” – Justin, the creator.

During the show, guests will find themselves guided through the experience, but with interaction in every scene requiring full participation. There will be little distraction from the narrative and interpersonal connections – sets are minimal, more ambient in nature. “Horror has always been at its most effective for me when fear and emotion collide,” reveals Justin, and it is this merging of full contact and a strong emotional narrative that makes Miasma such a fascinating undertaking.

This haunt isn’t for everyone.  “We’ve had past guests leave angry because they didn’t think miasma was what horror should be and took offense to the non-traditional content and the sickening feeling they left with.” He explains that the Midwest is not accustomed to this kind of terror immersion and as such, “it’s important to me to make sure our guests know, as best as I can allow without spoilers, this isn’t a ‘boo haunt’ and they should be prepared for content they won’t experience in the local haunts. It’s too easy for a guest, new to this, to purchase a ticket, influenced by the commoditizing ideas proprietors of local horror have embraced and sold to them for years in Chicago.”

While past shows have taken place in Chicago, the creative team would like to bring their shows to broader audiences and may find themselves in other Midwestern cities for upcoming special events.

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