The Lust Experience

The Lust Experience is the upcoming follow-up to 2016’s groundbreaking The Tension Experience. This experience is meant to test you and leave you emotionally broken.

  • The Lust Experience
  • Los Angeles Area
  • Group Show with Individual Sections
  • Full Physical Contact & Emotionally Devastating
  • Alternate Reality Game climaxing with an immersive experience
  • Heavy focus on human emotion, wants, and needs
  • Rewards participation and involvement

The forums are now open. Lust is also tied to Noah Sinclair’s The System and Stacey Erikson’s iConfidant. Registration for his seminars open on May 1st.

The Lust Experience

More on The Lust Experience

The Lust Experience introduces us to Noah Sinclair and “The System.” Are you ugly? Weak? Powerless? Poor? The System is designed to give you what you desire and Noah Sinclair is here to help. Sign up on his page for his seminars and learn his one hundred step proven program today! And if you want to discuss your successes with others, a series of forums have been opened. The people behind them want to hear your every emotion and reaction–and they promise not to use it as data. Post in categories, such as Conjecture, Just Friends, Relationships, Sightings, and Speculation.

A second group was introduced: iConfidant is an invite only, exclusive membership that aims to help people with the single most important thing in the world: Finding your own Confidant. A confidant, a best friend, a companion, these are people in which you can share any secret with and trust them not to repeat it to others. We all need someone like this in our life. At a success rate of 99.7% iConfidant is working nonstop to make this a happier and more united world. Sign up today.

Darren Lynn Bousman, director of this project, says “Don’t let the name fool you. This will be soul-crushing. It also can be about destroying your heart, as well. This is all about making you feel, and at the end of the day all of these theatrics, and smoke and mirrors, are about one thing: eliciting a reaction. To actually connect with the audience. That’s what it’s always been about; connecting with somebody.” -Taken from Bryan Bishop’s fantastic article on The Verge. Read this article and Bryan’s other articles on The Tension Experience to get a better idea of these experiences.

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