Is Time Running Out For Sinclair Industries?

Amidst conflicting rumors of an errant (possibly diabetic) poster boy, scandal has once again hit Sinclair Industries – peddlers of Noah Sinclair’s “The System”. Ex-employee Macy Jones is accusing the company and its bosses, including Chief Operating Officer Sarah Sinclair, of unfair dismissal and shady business practices. Using various social media channels, Ms Jones has revealed internal correspondence that suggests all is not well in love or business for the Sinclairs, despite the company’s ongoing public statements to the contrary. With Sarah Sinclair referring to her husband as “a dog” and “a madman”, as well as a clear indication of an inappropriate relationship with the intended recipient of the e-mail, a Mr Timothy Granik Jr., many were left wondering how the company would attempt to spin the evidence in their favor.


In response to this leak, Lawrence Meyers of Klein & St. Jude released the following statement on behalf of Sinclair Industries:



Sarah Sinclair Sinclair Industries Press Release Lust Experience



If you are interested in following along with the scandal, please check out the forums for The Lust Experience.

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After receiving a Masters degree in Creative Writing, specializing in the areas of Young Adult Literature and Editing, Victoria now works as a Learning and Development Manager during the day, helping others make their words as beautiful as they can be by night.

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