Knotts Scary Farm

Knott’s Scary Farm is a Halloween event at Knott’s Berry Farm in which the theme park is transformed into 160 acres of horror via a series of roaming monsters, terrifying mazes, and scare zones. It is the largest Halloween event to be held at a theme park.

  • Knott’s Scary Farm
  • 8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA
  • Group Experience in Mazes
  • No Contact; Fake Gore; Loud Noises
  • Nine Mazes and Four Skeleton Key Rooms
  • Five Scare Zones with over 1000 Scare Actors Total
  • Great Blend of Humor and Horror!

Knott’s Scary Farm runs every Halloween season.

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More About Knotts Scary Farm

Originally a three-night affair, beginning on October 26, 1973, the annual, month-long event celebrated its 45th year in 2017. It has become the largest event of any theme park. The concept was introduced to the park’s operations committee in a meeting in September 1973 by George Condos and Martha Boyd of the marketing department, and Bill Hollingshead and Gary Salisbury of the entertainment office. Bud Hurlbut, who built and operated (as a concessionaire) the Mine Ride, Log Ride and other rides, decided that having static props wasn’t enough, so he put on a gorilla suit and scared guests as they rode on the Mine Ride. Halloween Haunt was an instant hit, and by the next year, the event sold out nightly. The continued balance of horror and humor has been a key to the continuing success of Knott’s Halloween Haunt.



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