Ceaseless Fun

A provocative, socially conscious performing arts group defined by a punk rock ethos and a pitch black sense of absurdist irony. They aim to mobilize their audience through their inventive, unique brand of immersive storytelling as they explore the human condition with a focus on empathy, social/cultural criticism, metaphysics, gender & sexuality, activism, and inequality.

  • Los Angeles Area
  • Varying styles to fit content, from sandbox style group exploration to one-on-one experiences
  • Light to no physical touching between performer and audience
  • Adult content: occasional portrayal of violent/sexual situations
  • Political/socially-conscious storytelling
  • Non-horror

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More on Ceaseless Fun

Founded in 2015 by artistic director Derek Spencer, Ceaseless Fun aims to utilize radical form in service of radical content. Their goal is to present critically engaging and socially-activating work in ways that excite, haunt, and mobilize their audiences. Grounded in the ethics of punk and DIY, all of their productions and releases are made possible by the involvement of talented collaborators and support of generous communities.

Ceaseless Fun is always open to possible collaborations. If you are interested in their work, you are encouraged to contact them at ceaselessfun@gmail.com.

Synopses of select previous productions:

Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Regan: The year is 1971, and Ronald Reagan’s California governorship has raised a lot of questions: Is neoconservatism the savior America needs? What are women and what do we do with them? Is consumerism the new psychosis? Why are car crashes turning everyone on? Is the age of Hollywood over? Can American citizens be nostalgic for death? And most importantly, why do I want to fuck Ronald Reagan? Inspired by JG Ballard’s “The Atrocity Exhibition”, Why I Want To Fuck Ronald Reagan is an immersive, interactive work of literary collage.

Grandpa Johnson is Dead: A choose-your-own-adventure menu of micro-performances on American desire, death, nostalgia, and indulgence in Hollywood, in HOLLYWOOD. Staged at Grandpa Johnson’s Cocktail Club, the show allows audiences to “order” scenes as they please. This collective mode of storytelling will explore everything from LA’s Bukowski-fetish and networking pro-tips to American ritualism and the earthquake that will change life as we know it.



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