Ceaseless Fun Returns With They Who Saw the Deep

CEASELESS FUN Announces its upcoming happening: THEY WHO SAW THE DEEP

As part of its ongoing collection, THE OUTLINE OF A HUMAN.


LOS ANGELES, CA (March 28, 2018) LA-based theatrical arts production company, Ceaseless Fun, is proud to announce THEY WHO SAW THE DEEP. Directed by Derek Spencer, this Production marks the second of three that will makeup Ceaseless Fun’s collection of happenings, THE OUTLINE OF A HUMAN. To read our review of the first, Agnosia, click here


THEY WHO SAW THE DEEP (TWSTD) is a loose adaptation of the world’s oldest great work of literature: The Epic of Gilgamesh. While the epic poem tells the story of one man’s search for companionship, knowledge, and immortality, TWSTD reimagines the world of this poem as one in which everyone is their own Gilgamesh at the center of their own epic. The production employs elements of literary collage, immersive theater, physical theater, and song to interrogate the individual’s relationship to community, mortality, and legacy.


The version of Gilgamesh we read today has been assembled, retold, deconstructed and processed through multiple languages, over thousands of years, by many poets, and in various historical contexts. TWSTD leans into the pluralistic and fractal features of the epic. It processes an already processed text again, pluralizing the protagonist and asking the audience to consider multiple perspectives and multiple answers to the questions we all ask ourselves.


If everyone is their own Gilgamesh at the center of their own story, how can we build community? How can we conceive of our own mortality? How can we archive our own stories? How can we see the deep?


THE OUTLINE OF A HUMAN is a collection of happenings that aims to define and describe the human condition through the use of negative space. The three shows, while not narratively linked, all meditate on loss, legacy, memory, & consumption through a variety of lenses.


For the first time, Ceaseless Fun will be providing a limited amount of “income accessibility ” tickets alongside our general ticket options. These tickets are available to anyone who feels that they are unable to afford a general admission ticket but would still like to attend the performance. These tickets do not require any documentation or verification to purchase, and  holders will experience the show just as any general ticket holder would. Recognizing the structural & economic exclusivity in the performing arts, Ceaseless Fun is committed to making their work as accessible as possible, whenever possible.




WHERE: Koreatown

WHEN: May 3 – May 20, 2018

RUNTIME: Aprox 90 minutes

TICKETS: $40, available at twstd.bpt.me

 A limited number of income accessibility tickets will be available each night of

the run for $15.


Creator/Director: DEREK SPENCER

Producer/Ass. Director: MEREDITH TREINEN

Assistant Director: MADALINA NASTASE



Stage Manager: BRITT KELLER

Set Designer: LIAM MOORE

 Lighting Designer: IAN MOMII

Costume Designer: ROSALINDA MEDINA



CEASELESS FUN is an LA-based arts production group, headed by Derek Spencer (Artistic Director) and Meredith Treinen (Creative Producer), intent on making work that merges radical content with radical form. Past theatrical productions include Agnosia (2018), Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan (2017), GRANDPA JOHNSON IS DEAD! (2016, in partnership with Scarlett Kim & Co.), and Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite (2016).

IG: @ceaseless_fun

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CeaselessFun/

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