ScareLA 2018 – Interview with Chelsea Sutton of Rogue Artists Ensemble

Below is an interview with Chelsea Sutton, playwright at Rogue Artists Ensemble, that occurred at ScareLA 2018. Special thanks to Kevin Hsu for filming, Taylor Winters for interviewing, and to Jon Kobryn for editing.   The creative minds of Rogue Artists Ensemble, a collective of multi-disciplinary artists, are behind some of the most extraordinary theater [...]

ScareLA 2018 – Suspense to Screams – Unique Voices in Immersive Horror Panel Video

Below is the full panel, Suspense to Screams - Four Unique Voices in Immersive Horror, presented at ScareLA in 2018. Special thanks to Kevin Hsu for filming the panel, and Jon Kobryn for editing it.   From Rogue Artists Ensemble's folklore-based hyper-theater to Heretic's visceral brutality to Alone's surreal and abstract beauty to Santu Production's [...]

Birch House Invigorates the Chicago Immersive Scene – An Exclusive Interview

Chicago’s immersive scene is one to watch–with notable experiences in the realm of horror, puppetry, and now artistic intimacy. From immersive productions to themed dinners, Chicago’s Birch House aims to remove the boundaries that typically separate an audience from performers. Birch House, founded by Lauren N. Fields and Janie Killips, actively works on cultivating intimate […]

Midsummer Scream 2018 – Hollywood Goes Immersive Panel

Below is the full recording of the "Hollywood Goes Immersive" panel at Midsummer Scream 2018. Huge thanks to Kevin Hsu for filming this excellent video and Jon Kobryn for his editing skills!  With more and more Hollywood studios creating expansive and detailed immersive activations as a means of marketing and promotion, some of the best creators sit [...]

The Surprising Humanity Found in the Darkest Places – An Exclusive Interview with the Creative Minds Behind Theatre Macabre

The Experiences is arguably the most immersive production company on the market today. Redefining the alternate reality experience genre, both The Tension Experience and The Lust Experience led audiences on a multi-month journey that culminated in an event that pushed the boundaries of immersive entertainment. When the team behind these exploits announced they will be […]

An Interview with Delusion’s Jon Braver – Lies Within VR & The Blue Blade

Below is an interview with Delusion's Jon Braver regarding the new Lies Within Virtual Reality series and their upcoming immersive experience, The Blue Blade. Special thanks to Kevin Hsu for filming this interview, Jon Kobryn for editing, and for Jon Braver for taking the time to talk with us.    Delusion represents a pinnacle of [...]

Wisdom from Chaos – Sean Adams Discusses Santu Deliria, California Occasions, & Beyond

Little was known about the mysterious creator of Santu Deliria – a Los Angeles-based company excelling in surreal and intense horror experiences – until now. Emerging from the shadows, creator Sean Adams has moved on from his secretive persona and Santu Deliria, and onto a new venture called California Occasions. He agreed to sit down […]

The Reality X – Cameron Cooper Discusses Three New Immersive-Escape Experiences

With an expert blend of the escape room format with the stylings of immersive entertainment, The Reality X offers three varied experiences in which participants can win cash prizes: Welcome Home which invites guests to survive a horrific home invasion this September; BBX, a Big Brother-inspired reality show; and Suspicion, a murder-mystery akin to Clue. […]

The Beauty of Storytelling – An Interview with Evan Neiden of Candle House Collective’s lastcandlearx

Below is an interview with Evan Neiden of the Candle House Collective, discussing the genesis and the mission of the company as well as their first immersive alternate reality experience, lastcandlearx. As this experience will not be remounted, please do not worry about spoilers.     “These candles are all the souls on earth. Would […]

Bitter, but Not The End: An Exclusive First Look at What You Missed at E3W’s Latest Production, and What’s Next

Below is an exclusive interview with Aaron Keeling, Austin Keeling, and Natalie Jones, the creative team behind E3W Productions. E3W emerged onto the immersive theatre scene in 2017 with In Another Room, a melancholic series of ghost stories contained within one home.  In 2018, they returned with Bitter At The End, a gorgeous, gloomy study of the end of life [...]
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