House of Spirits is a Cocktail Experience in a Macabre Mansion – Interview

Experiences are the evolution of a service, elevating a simple product into a memory and forging a connection between audience and brand. Thus, its no surprise that an increasing number of companies are looking to immersive entertainment to promote a property or to make a night out that much more special. House of Spirits is […]

Intruder Escape is a Phoenix Rising from Reality X’s Ashes – An Interview

Reality X emerged in 2018, combining the tense dread of an immersive horror experience with the puzzles and innovation of one of the best escape rooms. Their first experience, Welcome Home, gave participants the autonomy and freedom to explore a gigantic ranch house, completing puzzles while hiding (and escaping) from numerous killers stalking their every […]

Opechee Haunt Teases Jack’s Halloween JamBOOree 2 & Provides Home Haunt Advice

With half a decade of experience, Sam Kellman is one of the youngest, and most talented, haunted house creators in Southern California. Starting The Opechee Haunt when he was only nine years old, it has grown each year, defying a clear classification. Ranging from impressive Halloween audio / visual displays to scavenger hunts to a […]

Justin Brink and Liz of Miasma Discuss Introducing Extreme Horror to New Markets — Video Interview

  Find more information and book tickets for Desecration of the Seven Witches here, and follow Miasma on Facebook and Instagram. Check out our Event Guide for more immersive and horror entertainment throughout the year.   Haunting is a resource for immersive theater and horror fans in Los Angeles and across the world, promoting art […]

Icarus – Visceral Theater Brings Immersive Horror to Kansas City – Interview

Immersive horror is infectious. In Los Angeles, Blackout’s antithetical style of solo, full-contact experiences spread like an epidemic: with Blackout being the sole purveyor of this style in 2012, Alone and Heretic both adopting similar styles in 2013, and the number of companies consistently rising with each passing year. But this trend isn’t simply limited […]

Beasts from the Sea: An Interview with Zombie Joe

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater has been on an absolute tear in recent months, with successive performances of Blood Alley, the immersive Father’s Day show Dad, and the seemingly oxymoronic Urban Death for Kidz. Continuing their breakneck pace, Zombie and Co. announced Beasts of the Sea, another thrilling project from the minds behind DarkDark-RideRide which will […]

CoAct Productions Goes Dark with Severance Theory – An Interview

After the success of their fantastically transportive The Sideshow, audiences were wondering what CoAct Productions would come up with next. Turns out, CoAct has taken a drastic turn from the whimsical Sideshow to dive into the tricky subject matter of mental illness with their four-part series, The Severance Theory. With the first chapter, Welcome to […] is a Glow-in-the-Dark Dining, Cocktail, & Theatrical Experience with Yokai – Interview

Having sold out at a record average of 24 hours per city, The Mobile Kitchen is a mobile dining experience showcasing high-end, glow-in-the-dark food and cocktails created by award-winning chefs and designers. Unlike a typical bar or club, the {House of Nakamura} is a totally immersive dining event including theatrics, storytelling, art and […]

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