The Speakeasy Society

The Speakeasy Society is an LA-based immersive entertainment company creating intimate and epic experiences in unexpected places. The Speakeasy Society creates full worlds that provide an escape through total engagement and immersion, crafting a shared experience where audience interaction becomes a vital aspect of the performance.

  • The Speakeasy Society
  • Los Angeles Area
  • Group Experiences with Individual Sections
  • Minor Contact
  • Immersive; exploration and choice focused.
  • Narrative focused with fantastical themes

The fourth entry in their acclaimed Kansas Collection, titled “The Invitation,” has ended its first sold-out run. Speakeasy has announced that all four existing chapters of the Kansas Collection will be revived in Spring 2018 prior to the premier of Chapter 5.

The Speakeasy Society

More about The Speakeasy Society

The Speakeasy Society, named Best Emerging Immersive Theater Company of 2015 by the LAWeekly, was officially formed in a first floor women’s bathroom at CalArts in 2012, where longtime collaborators Julianne Just and Genevieve Gearhart, along with newcomer Matthew Bamberg-Johnson, created “The Weird Sisters,” a witch-centric adaptation of Macbeth that gave audience members a very up close and personal experience of the classic narrative.

From there they took their work to a variety of venues and forms, including a dinner party in a private residence (Kitchen/Sugar/Bullet/Blank), an interactive adaptation in a hidden pub at a local brewery (Ebenezer: An Immersive Christmas Carol), and a private conversation created for an audience of one at a local restaurant (The Stronger).  Continuing to explore narrative in immersive productions, the company embarked on a several year journey to create The Johnny Cycle–a three part production loosely based on Dalton Trumbo’s novel “Johnny got his Gun”.  Part I: “The Quick and the Dead” ran at the American Legion in Pasadena to great acclaim and was listed by LA Weekly as one of the 2015’s Five Times LA Theater Felt Bold.

While the company and their list of collaborating artists has lengthened, the goal remains unaltered: they work to change what it means to “go to the theater” in Los Angeles one performance at a time.

The Speakeasy Society has received institutional support from Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Entertainment.  Currently, they are continuing to produce installments of their popular Kansas Collection series with Part 4: The Invitation arriving in September. They are also collaborating with Two Bit Circus, a renowned technological entertainment company, to develop an immersive dinner experience utilizing new technology that imbues every audience member with a unique character.

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