Shock Theater

Shock Theater is small company out of Long Island, New York that puts on intimate Extreme Haunt shows. Groups of 2 or 3 find themselves put into normal situations where things quickly go wrong.

  • Long Island, New York
  • Small group shows
  • Aggressive Contact
  • Narratively-driven with evocative themes
  • Full physical contact; nudity; blood; electricity
  • Psychological, intense, and graphic
  • Short Runs (usually only one night)
  • Willing to adjust extreme nature to match guest
  • 18+ event

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More on Shock Theater

Shock Theater is an art collective supporting and creating immersive entertainment since 2013.

Their current project Eye for Horror is an intense survival series that blends photography and extreme haunting into one insane adventure. You play a model hoping for your big break but all is not what it seems when those shooting your photos reveal their true intentions and that’s to capture the moments of your life before you die. Can you survive 10 scenes of pure torment, humiliation and terror or will you end up at rock bottom of their twisted vision?

Eye for Horror is run 4 times a year : Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.


Past Shock Theater Projects:

2013 to 2015: Shock Theater focused on the Dead of Night series, with Dystopia, Initiation, and MK Ultra.

2015 to 2017: The Dead of Night transitioned into Dread The Night, with Blind Date, From Beyond, Rituals, and Dystopia Redux. They also did stand-alone shows, Escape the Dark, Ultra Violence, and Wrong, during this time.

2018: Eye for Horror is series of seasonal extreme haunt photo shoots in which participants are pushed to their limits in order to achieve the best pictures. Night Gaunt was a month long immersive horror experiment in which the story unraveled via Texts, Phone calls, video and letters mailed to participants houses. It was a story that about a toxic relationship that goes horribly wrong and evolves into something much more evil in real time.



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