A Night at the Opera! A Truly Immersive Treat by Into the Film

Masked strangers stand along 4th street in Santa Monica. Modest, elegant, or eccentric; dressed in lace butterflies, jewels flowers, wolves, and skulls. We are an odd motley crew of people, straight out of a strange film. New partisan identities went with every costume—Barons, Marquises, Socialites and Aristocrats—the crème de la crème of Bourgeoise elite. People […]

Into the Film – An Interview with Erik Geffner-Mihlsten

Into the Film, if you haven’t heard, is attempting something astounding. Erik Geffner-Mihlsten and company want to transport an audience straight into a beloved story, Phantom of the Opera. Not only is it the classic tale of unrequited love, but Into the Film is revisiting the 1925 silent movie version, starring Lon Chaney, with accompanying live […]

Into the Film Recreates Phantom of the Opera as an Immersive Experience

  EXPERIENCE THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA LIKE NEVER BEFORE “A NIGHT AT THE OPERA” – AN IMMERSIVE AND INTERACTIVE THEATER PRODUCTION PREMIERES IN LOS ANGELES ON AUGUST 4TH   Hasn’t everyone at least once, wanted to escape into our imaginations? Whether reading books, watching movies, attending the opera, or enjoying theater; our daydreams are […]

Grey Gardens – A Perfect Merger of Set and Story

A dark, true story about the collapse of American royalty.       GREY GARDENS: THE MUSICAL  America has always been captivated by scandal and even more so when it’s true.  Grey Gardens, The Musical explores the tragic ruin of a mother-daughter family who go from glamor to squalor in the East Hamptons.   In […]

Fringe Review – Naked Shorts, Less Is More is Full of Naked Passion

“How naked, is naked audience participation, really?” I asked myself while gently perusing this year’s Fringe Festival program.  The answer, found in the Southern California Naturists Association’s Production of Naked Shorts, was in no complex terms: very, very naked.   Idling outside the Underground was a smattering of people looking busy with their phones. No […]

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