Field of Screams has been bringing walkthrough attractions to Lake Elsinore’s Storm Stadium for over a decade now, and while the haunters occupying the stadium have changed from time to time over the years, Sinister Valley is taking Field of Screams to a whole new level. Guests can expect a series of thematically connected haunted mazes with no physical contact or extreme elements. But while performers will make no contact with the living, that doesn’t mean that Field of Screams doesn’t feature some of the best scares to be found outside of a major theme park haunt.

  • Field of Screams: The Haunted Stadium
  • 500 Diamond Drive, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
  • Collection of haunted walkthrough mazes built inside a darkened baseball stadium
  • Moderate scares enhanced by dark lighting
  • No intentional physical contact of any kind

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More about Field of Screams

This attraction combines the personal experience of a small haunt with the production value of a large scale attraction. There are no conga-lines; mazes feel scarier because you feel more alone as you traverse the haunt. And if you’re brave enough to go through multiple times, the scare actors will get to know you–tailoring your experience to scare you even more. The mazes pride themselves on their narratives, often relying story elements in line so you are never bored. They also incorporate new technologies, like the Gantom Flashlights, to give you the best experience possible.

Mazes from 2015 include: Exorcism Reborn, Cannibal Island 3D, Holidays of Horror, House of Nightmares, and Roadkill Cafe.

Mazes from 2016: If you’ve ever felt like you were being watched, then Hunted is the maze for you. Watch your back in this torturous shack. Insanity is the maze for when life doesn’t make sense. Weird, disorienting, and creepy. In Descent, journey into the abyss of an old abandoned mine shaft. The creatures that inhabit it might not let you leave though. Inferno pairs you up with a child-like spirit with a burning desire to keep you forever. And Illusions is half-complete darkness, half 3D maze. Move through a labyrinth of complete darkness to an abundance of sounds, feelings, and brilliant sights. This experience excels because you can go through each attraction as many times as you’d like in one night!

In 2018, Temecula-based haunters Sinister Valley took the reins of Field of Screams, transforming Storm Stadium’s concourse into the titular mining town, not only giving it its best year yet, but offering one of the absolute best hidden gems the I.E. has to offer. The concourse is spectacularly lit, with intermittent flashes of would-be lightning being far more convincing than they have any right to be. The cast of scareactors that this reveals, sparse as it may be, is a truly dedicated bunch, sliding and interacting with very little downtime.

But this all serves as a sort of preamble to the real star of the show: while mazes are arguably the main attraction at most haunts, they never interact or intertwine with the same narrative continuity that they do at Field of Screams. The four mazes offered here make up the fictional town of Sinister Valley, weaving an inventive origin story that enhances a series of already fantastic walkthrough attractions.

The fact that the entirety of Sinister Valley’s version of Field of Screams tells one overarching story speaks volumes about their attention to detail. They aren’t simply looking to startle people or brag about how they won’t be able to endure the intensity; this is a series of simple, effective walkthrough attractions that, while scary, is meant to transport guests into a different world. More haunted attractions need this level of storytelling enhancing their scares, but until then, Sinister Valley is a crystal clear standout.

Proceeds from this haunted attraction benefit the Cops For Kids Foundation.



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