EAIATE promo pic 2 everyone agrees

Ceaseless Fun Takes Over with Everyone Agrees It’s About to Explode [TICKETS ON SALE]

Ceaseless Fun is proud to announce Everyone Agrees It’s About to Explode, the latest immersive experience from artistic director Derek Spencer, creative producer Meredith Treinen, and their resident troupe of company members. Tickets are now on sale here.   You might have noticed a change come over Haunting this week. Our usual logo crudely scratched […]

Las Quinceañeras | Optika Moderna

Las Quinceañeras – Optika Moderna Explores Beautiful Tradition

The woman in clinician’s clothes gently straps a viewing device onto my head, repeatedly checking the straps and clips that hold it into place. Headphones block out the sounds of milling patrons outside the little tent we sit in as the steady thump of dance music begins to thrum louder from within their soft padding. […]

Trailblazer productions Touch incarnation Ben Cox Touch: Incarnation

Touch: Incarnation Paints a Future Where Contact is Criminal

In Trailblazer Production’s Touch: Incarnation, the sensations are constant: elegant fingers gently squeezing, poking, and tapping along my body. Robbed of my sight, I am able to focus on my other senses, and none is more important now than touch. This connection, fleeting and fervent, with those around me, as their skin briefly presses against […]

HVRTING, BL4KT4P3, Video, Midsummer Scream, Los Angeles, CA,

HVRTING’S BL4CKTAPE Brings Beautifully Terrifying Art Over Pain at Midsummer Scream 2019

Please note in the interest of full disclosure: HVRTING is an extreme haunt offshoot of this website (Haunting.net), and the two entities share multiple staff members, including the writer of this review. The writer attended this particular event as a participant. Thank you to Jon Kobryn for his video edits and Taylor Winters for filming […]


Fringe 2019 – They Played Productions’ Internal Speaks from Within

I’ve never given much thought to what the voice inside my head sounds like.  I’d always assumed it sounds just like my speaking voice, but I’ve never really thought about it. That is, until I’m tucking a pair of headphones into my ears on a busy street in Hollywood, California, and a man is asking […]

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