Hamlet-Mobile is an immersive adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet performed in and around a cargo van for audiences of 1 to 4 people.

  • Hamlet-Mobile
  • Los Angeles Area
  • Group Experience Outside a Van
  • No Contact; Character Interaction
  • Immersive theater in a van!
  • Non-horror themes

This event (usually) announces its exact show times and locations on the day of its performances. You can find the van and experience Hamlet-Mobile free by following it on Twitter (@hamletmobile) or checking the website.


More about Hamlet-Mobile

Created by theater company The Moving Shadow in honor of our dead director/founder/mentor Marlon Pine, Hamlet Mobile features 8 short plays inspired by – and utilizing the language of Shakespeare’s Hamlet all performed in and around a van. It premiered at the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival where it was nominated for “Best of Dance/Physical Theater.” It has since been featured in the Applause anthology Best Plays from American Theatre Festivals 2015. It was also awarded best Game Design at the 2016 IndieCade Festival of Independent Games.

For more information on the show, read here. For more information on The Moving Shadow and its recently deceased founder Marlon Pine, read here.

This event is a type of micro-theatre, the brainchild of Marlon Pine. It is describes a branch of “Total Theater” that is performed specifically for audiences of 10 or less. It also regularly, but not exclusively, includes site-specific locations, music, dance, intellectual texts, philosophy, art history, live poetry, dream recitation, architectural analysis, spirit walks, watershed moments, and animal guides. It is the creation of Capital W, the immersive theater company helmed by director Lauren Ludwig and producer Monica Miklas. Hamlet-Mobile was written by Lauren Ludwig and developed through a group-devising process utilizing the actors JB Waterman, Lizzie Prestel, Heather Gottlieb, and Hunter Seagroves. It blends movement, Shakespeare, practical design, and audience participation, offering the spectator the opportunity to get up close and personal with the world of the play.

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