Disco Dining Club

Disco Dining Club crafts aesthetically stunning event spectacles that begin with themed drinks and a decadent multi-course meal and then devolve into a dance party complete with additional libations.

  • Los Angeles Based
  • Elaborate set designs with gorgeous aesthetics
  • Guests encouraged to dress with flair
  • Themed menu with paired cocktails
  • Lavish locations that create new worlds
  • Immersive performances throughout the night

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More on Disco Dining Club

Disco Dining Club is a thematic food and drink event that revels in all the excess, debauchery, and hedonism of disco. It is the belief of Disco Dining Club that there were moments of decadence throughout history that led to the ultimate decadence: disco. Whether a historical era (e.g. Hall Of Mirrors, Faberge), an artistic movement (e.g. Surrealism), or an iconic piece of culture (e.g. Marlene Dietrich’s Shanghai Express), Disco Dining Club recreates these colorful moments through the lens of a theatrical dinner party.

The events include the perfect blend of engaging actors, lush backdrops, audience engagement, and, of course, amazing feats of culinary and mixology arts.


Some previous events include:

The Flowering of the Strange Orchid – Disco Dining Club invited fifty guests to partake in a thematic and theatrical dining experience inspired by the H.G. Wells short story of the same name. While this experience was their Halloween event, it did not rely on traditional horror tropes. Instead, this event exuded mood and aesthetic, perfectly capturing the feel of being in a gorgeous home overgrown by the most beautifully dangerous foliage.


DDC @ Sea – This idyllic cruise and at-sea feast featured a healthy dose of V + T (vodka and techno) and was loosely inspired by Grace Jones iconic role in James Bond’s ‘A View To A Kill.’


Dinner In The Garden Of Earthly Delights – Disco Dining Cluib recreated the Garden of Eden for an evening of herbal indulgence.


Hall Of Mirrors – A pre-Valentine’s Day anniversary gala that explored the infamous love affairs of Versailles.



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