Sinister Pointe

Sinister Pointe is a creatively entertaining haunted attraction offering multiple events throughout the year. These range from game nights, haunted attractions, movie nights, scavenger hunts, and seances.

  • Sinister Pointe
  • Orange County Area
  • Group Experiences with Rare Individual Sections
  • Minor Contact; Minimal Gore; Creative Jump Scares
  • Halloween Haunted Attraction/Naughty Christmas Events
  • Innovative Off-Season Events: Scavenger Hunts, Bingo, Games
  • Great Starting Point From Theme Park Haunts

Sinister Pointe just completed Fear the Mark during Halloween and their 4th Annual Not So Merry Holiday Haunt during Christmas. Expect them back with off-season content in 2017.


More about Sinister Pointe

Sinister Pointe doesn’t conform to any easy categorical labels. They are a haunt and production company that is constantly innovating and providing entertaining content throughout the year. They are best known for their Halloween Season and Christmas Season Haunted Attractions. The Halloween events focus on scares, while the Christmas events focus on having a raunchy and dirty good time. However, their off-season content is some of the best and most creative experiences occurring in Los Angeles/Orange County. Below are some highlights of previous shows:

No So Merry Holiday Haunt: Experience evil Elves, killer Santas and an onslaught of everything that is just plain wrong. Chase a t-rex through an inflatable room, throw snowballs at elves, stick your hand in a butt to fix a clogged “fudge” machine, meet the deliciously naughty Cinnamon, and even get your photo taken with a disgusting rude and crude Santa! Experience two paths: naughty or nice… which will you choose?

Fear the Mark: Experience a terrifying interactive, choose your own adventure style Haunted Attraction. This is a single maze that breaks off at various points into 4 different realms. You can experience just one path or purchase an all night pass and get to experience them all. Each path specializes in a different style–whether you like pain, puzzles, magic, or trickery.

The Hunt For Krampus: “The Hunt” is not your average Scavenger Hunt. You will not be asked to run around town collecting nose hair clippers or ping pong paddles. This is an intense game that involves a point system and ultimately the capture of KRAMPUS! Over the course of 4 hours, THE HUNT will take you to some fun, scary and festive locations within a 10 mile radius. With a dozen locations it may be difficult for your team to get to them all. Upon arrival you will be given documents vaguely describing the different location, their tasks and their value in points. Each location you arrive at will contain a task of some sort that you must complete in order to gain points. Based on your point status and clues, your ultimate goal is to be the first team to locate KRAMPUS, literally capture him and return him to Sinister Pointe.

Fear The Dark: Do you trust your friend? One member of your team is placed on security camera, who has eyes on the room you are in–and the monsters that occupy it. But you are in that room with the monsters and complete darkness. Listen to your friends instructions as you try to collect the most items and tokens while avoiding the monsters without your sight. Then switch and see if your friend can do any better!

Not So Merry Extreme Holiday Bingo: Come join Sinister Pointe for a “Not so Merry” Holiday evening filled with excitement, extreme bingo, cash prizes, presents, raffles, food, drinks, roaming and insulting horrific holiday characters and of course what Not So Merry Holiday Event would be complete without getting your photo taken with our rude and crude Santa. Oh, And don’t miss our ugly sweater contest! You may even experience The Grinch who will block your progress in the game.

Seance: A fully theatrical look into the afterlife. Join a medium who channels the spirits of the deceased while trying to uncover the mystery of her great-grandparents. Things start to get truly frightening when chairs start to fly across the room and the lights go out. Will you join the spirits in the afterlife?

The Event: Remember the childhood game Operation? Well this is it–but intensified and horror themed! Enter a room with four bodies on gurneys. You have 30 minutes to collect as many items from the bodies as you can, without hitting the walls. However, the twist is these bodies aren’t quite sedated–and don’t like you poking around in them.


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