Alone: An Existential Haunting

ALONE is an ongoing, site-specific, fully-immersive and existential experience that explores the range of human emotions. Presenting itself in a variety of configurations, ALONE explores the complex folds of the human psyche, placing you as the participant within dreams and fantasies and nightmares that you may have had and within those that you definitely have not. Your body may be touched and moved or tenderly embraced or be utterly left displaced and alone.

  • Alone: An Existential Haunting
  • Los Angeles Area
  • Individual Shows and Group Exploration Shows
  • Full Contact; Darkness; Massages & Tea
  • More artsy, than horror.
  • Very evocative and will make you feel something
  • A great introduction to experiences that touch you.

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More about A L O N E

ALONE is a fully immersive, walk through experience which you participate at times in the company of others, but mostly by yourself. Lying somewhere in-between art installation and immersive theater, ALONE is only for people who are 18 years of age or older. ALONE explores the conditions of the human experience in all forms. Some experiences you may find yourself in a group situation, but as in life, you will eventually find yourself to be alone. Prepare to feel something and interact with the actors. These shows are incredibly immersive.

Selected previous shows include:

Index of Reflection: an exploration of light, sound, self and surrounding. It was a multi-site, real world experience lasting one to three hours, which required you to explore downtown Los Angeles with an extensive auditory soundtrack.

AloneInc Acheland: the first in a series of shows in 2016 that delve into the psychology of self v. system, personhood v. corporation and comfort v. threat. This was an hour long experience that you must go through alone.

The Mushin of the Ashen Deer Clan: An hour long, narrative based presentation and the second show in a pair of concomitant offerings. Presented on the grounds of ScareLA. Participants must encounter and discern the entry point.



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