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Countyline Fright is a walkthrough haunted house that creates some wonderfully clever and innovative scares that are sure to scare even the most veteran of haunt goers. Located in Yucaipa, CA, this professional haunt is well worth the drive and has a level of professionalism and set design that rivals that of many other haunts twice their size. 

  • Located at 34285 County Line Rd, Yucaipa, CA 92399
  • Walkthrough haunted house with jump scares
  • No intentional touch from actors
  • No age restrictions are listed, but suitable for ages 10+ at parental discretion
  • Some gore and disturbing material may be present
  • Abundant special effects including strobe lights and fog
  • Guests go through in private groups

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More on Countyline Fright

From two creative minds comes Countyline Fright. It began when two friends had the vision of putting on a local and affordable haunt that truly captures the imagination that can stem from Halloween. Over the past few years, people from all over California have come to get scared by these wildly imaginative haunts. These haunts are not just a typical jump scare haunt, but a true professional walkthrough experience that has a storyline that will keep you on high alert as you make your way through. These great scares that are mixed with incredible realism and detail will have you coming back for more!

Meet Chris Stark, the founder of Countyline Fright. The idea to create a magnificent haunt that all ages could enjoy stemmed from wanting to add to his already existing pumpkin patch and christmas tree farm. With over 15 years of experience in Architectural Design, over 20 years of construction experience, and a passion for Art and Model building, it comes as no surprise that his expertise, creative mind, and drive helped bring this first class haunt experience to life.

Meet Jon Lehman, the madman behind the scares. His creatively twisted mind and his refined eye for detail truly bring the haunt to life. Jon has over 15 years of experience imagining, designing, and building props and sets for many major corporations. His incredible knack for detail and design truly heightens all senses for those who step foot in their haunt.

As each haunt year ends, a new creative vision is already being started for the next year. Grand storylines, bigger arrangements and scares, and brilliant props and designs all begin again with the aim to make you scared. Their goal is to always create an entirely new mind blowing experience that will leave you wanting more. So come on out and discover what two like-minded passionate people can create. You will not be disappointed!


Prior Attractions:

Evil Within (2021): The Evil Within explores the home of a serial killer. While the police have send teams in to explore–none have come out alive. Be warned, his family may be even more frightening than the serial killer inside. Move through his entry way, parlor, kitchen, basement, garage, and backyard–to find the true evil within.

Asylum (2020): Welcome to Countyline Fright’s asylum. This year explores some traditional haunt scenes, such as a church filled with hooded members, a monster hidden under a child’s bed, and a long hallway with a ringing phone–yet, it does so with their own twist. Each room feels uniquely clever, creating scares that subvert expectation and create fear. Just make sure when you check-in that you can check-out again.


march, 2023


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