Escape Blair Witch - Escape Room - Las Vegas - NV - Egan Escape Productions

Escape Blair Witch is the Closest You’ll Get to Being in a Horror Movie

The door is locked tight—protecting us from whoever, or whatever is outside. But there’s missing rangers out there—and now a missing search party—I need to find them. As I slide the last key into the padlock and it turns, the door inches open. Cold air rushes in, the smell of evergreens and pine follows closely [...]
Freakling Bros Horror Shows - The Return - Castle Vampyre - Coven 13 - Gates of Hell - Haunted House - Las Vegas - CA - Freakling Bros’ The Men’s Room

Freakling Bros’ The Men’s Room Adds to a Stellar Line Up of Haunts

The crackle of electricity echoes through the tight chambers. A man, strapped down to an electric chair, jerks back and forth, current coursing through his flesh. Somehow, his death doesn’t bother me—I already know what awaits me in the next room; and that is what has my anxiety racing. I step across the threshold into [...]
Highway to Hell Majestic Repertory Theater, Horrorwood Video, Immersive Horror, Drive In Experience, Las Vegas, NV

Horrorwood Video Returns with Highway to Hell and Brings Drive In Scares

The screen in front of us crackles iconically as it goes dark. Left in total blackness and silence, we heed our guide’s warning: Don’t Breathe. Suddenly, lights flash and we see a young girl in tattered clothing with her long, dark hair falling in front of her eyes. As quickly as we see her, she [...]

Las Vegas Haunts’ Asylum and Hotel Fear – A Halloween Fixture Not To Be Missed

Room 13, you must make it to Room 13—it’s the only place you’re safe. A hidden door slides open, revealing a long, claustrophobic hallway lined with rooms. I look forward and see that each room is labeled with a 13. This will be harder than I thought. I open the first door, revealing a woman […]

Manson Family: An Opera | Majestic Repertory Theatre

The Manson Family: An Opera Takes Viewers Down a Dark and Disturbing Path

It’s dark. Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme has just finished administering a tab of acid to each of us in the group. A blacklight turns on, illuminating the four once-black walls now covered in wild, white scribbled messages. These ceiling-to-floor anarchic rantings and ravings are spilled straight from Charles Manson’s maniacal mastermind. My eyes glow with wonder […]

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