Holiday Guide 2021 - Immersive Christmas Events

The Haunting Holiday Guide for the 2021 Winter Season

Happy Holidays, Haunting Community! While the afterglow of the Halloween season has begun to dim, the bright lights of the holidays light our path forward. This year, our Holiday Guide 2021 provides you with the best holiday season lights displays, drive through experiences, drink festivities, and of course, haunted holiday attractions (like the Los Angeles [...]
JFI Productions | Just Fix It Productions | Inside

JFI’s Inside Brings Nine Beautifully Haunting Stories to Life

Happy Halloween. Below is a review and partial recollection of JFI Production's Inside. Expect spoilers below. For those that did not get to experience the beauty that is JFI's Inside, please see the photo gallery at the end. Afterall, pictures are worth a 1000 words. Special thanks to Jeremey Connors, Taylor Winters and Alyssa Concha [...]
Torched | Gastro Garage | W Hotel Hollywood | Adam Manacker

Torched – A Culinary Experience That Feels Like A Real Adventure

MC and room-filling personality Stewart Levine has been on the mic all night, energizing the room with hilarious and upbeat commentary over a soundtrack of absolute rock and metal classics. But there’s a special mischievous enthusiasm in his voice as he announces the carrot course of Torched. “Tradition is that the most junior mechanic is […]

Welcome to the Blumhouse Live | Amazon Prime | The Lie | Nocturne | Evil Eye | Black Box

Little Cinema’s Welcome to the Blumhouse Live Is More Than An Advertisement

Strewn markers and papers cover the desk in Erin Templeton’s bedroom. The last entry in the missing ballet dancer’s “dream log” is a deadly premonition – a man wearing a crown entering her room to write an indecipherable message in blood. welcome to the blumhouse live   Under normal circumstances, a dream is just a […]

each and every | Candle House Collective | ARX | help series

each and every – Candle House Collective Celebrates Life Through Music

Below is our review of the most recent Candle House Collective experience in their help! series, each and every. Read our review of previous help! series entries: claws and on the serenity of oranges.   For the past 40,000 years, people have made music. Evidence of songwriting and musical instruments permeate all throughout human history […]

Pandora Network: Nightlight Circus | Electric Goldfish

The Pandora Network: Nightlight Circus – Electric Goldfish Ups the Ante from Burying the Hatchet

The Nightlight Circus arrives in the quaint town of Pondermere. Only open after dark – when it’s “magic time” – this mysterious circus boasts astounding acrobats and dancers, a terrifying mirror maze, and other oddities such as the dragon carousel and the stern but talented fortune teller, Madame Magiya. The circus forbids unaccompanied children, however […]

on the serenity of oranges | Candle House Collective | Help Series

on the serenity of oranges – Candle House Collective Presents a Poignant Escape into Unimportance

As fruit goes, oranges are pretty uninspiring. They don’t have a unique shape or an exotic flavor. They’re not used in any elaborate desserts. They’re not seasonal – they’re pretty much always around. They’re not really anyone’s favorite fruit. They’re ordinary. They’re plain. They’re unimportant. And they just may be the key to changing everything. […]

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