Candle House Collective

Candle House Collective produces on-going immersive experiences that engage audiences via innovative methods with a heavy focus on intimate, personalized stories and experiences.

  • Accessible to anyone world-wide
  • Partake at your own pace with an individualized experience
  • Highly personalized with agency to change narrative
  • Interactions via community forum, Instagram, and/or phone calls
  • Meaningful, exploratory, and surreal
  • No in-person events…. yet

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More on Candle House Collective

Candle House Collective is the creation of Evan Neiden. Their mission is to engage participants with personal and innovative methods of immersive storytelling, with a focus on intimate, customized experiences. They aim to create unique, interactive environments that make up the difference between the real and the imaginary, exploring the liminal relationship between humanity and storytelling.  These stories ask questions of the audience that they don’t have the time or the right to ask themselves, and further, hold a space in which audiences can these questions can be explored amidst the intimacy and surrealism of humanity.


Previous Experiences:

lastcandlearx: lastcandlearx is best described as a sentient radio drama with a memory of and unique relationship with each person who tuned in. In more technical terms, it was an entirely remote, experimental fusion of immersive theatre and alternate reality game, transpiring over phone calls, emails, and instant messaging. While starting off as a simple retelling of the Princess and the Frog, lastcandlearx evolved into a series of experiments taking place at a mysterious Asylum. Participants could choose to interact only with the fairy-tale aspect or dive into the full narrative via the Slack forums.



23apr5:00 pm11:59 pmmoonlight serenadeCandle House CollectiveImmersive Style:Immersive Theater Price: $85


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