Firelight Collective Offers an Intimate Evening with Stars in the Night

Firelight Collective captured both the minds and the hearts of the immersive community with Firelight.  This exploration of love, loss, and life presented into something so so generously intimate, so unabashedly poetic and introspective that audience members couldn’t help but be swept away. With it’s success came the bifurcation of the piece and a remount at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, entitled Fire & Light. Further propelling them into the public eye, this experience offered something personal and bracingly new, exploring the complicated emotion of memory as we think back on our own loves, losses, joys, and wistful regrets.


With a new experience entitled Stars in the Night teased and only 45 tickets available over three nights, this is not an experience for hesitation.  Open your heart and look up at the stars.


There are whispers in the wind…. 
Can you hear them?



Firelight Collective - Nathan Keyes Stephanie Feury Studio Theater - Stars in the Night



The Firelight Collective is back after their critically acclaimed and award winning “Firelight,” with “Stars in the Night” an immersive journey into the Hollywood Hills.


3 Nights only, 3 audience members per show, 5 shows per night, food, drinks, and private transportation.


SEPT 20, 21, & 22


What happens when worlds collide?
Tickets on Sale Aug 22


We hope you will journey with us….



“Sometimes love is fleeting, sometime it is bright, and sometimes it hurts. But it’s all love. And that’s what Firelight accomplishes so powerfully; it makes the audience feel what it is to love. This is a beautiful tapestry made up of individual stories that each make you feel something different and reinforced by gorgeous sets and strong acting. Firelight is not a show to be missed. If you like immersive theater, love, or feeling something strongly, then check out this show. Drinks are on them!” –

FIRE and LIGHT moved me in ways that few shows have. Though this isn’t a horror performance, I would still urge all of you to attend and give it a chance. Love and loss can be just as dangerous as monsters and ghosts, it just all depends on how you view it. “- nightmarish conjurings

“Love, at times, is magical. Moments of passion, doubt, bravado, lust, and joy can combine into a giddy stew of emotion. Firelight is a show that captures all those levels of intensity, creating wondrously intense scenes and deeply touching moments….If you want to get all flowery, I guess you could say that Firelight transports you to another world. To be honest, that sounds too simple. ” –

“The overriding message I received from this experience was that life is never perfect but embrace it fully for that is in the end all we have imperfections and all….
Firelight is something very much worth experiencing” – LA Post Examiner



Tickets for Stars in the Night are on extremely limited and can be purchased here at 9pm on August 22nd!

About The Author

Taylor Winters
Taylor has loved immersive theater since his first experience at ALONE in 2013. Since then, he has written, produced, & directed immersive theater, consulted for numerous immersive companies, acted in others, and attended even more. He has his PhD in Bioengineering, an MBA in Organization Leadership, and currently works at Medtronic fixing broken hearts.


  • Anthony on September 8, 2017

    Are there still tickets?

    • Taylor Winters on September 11, 2017

      It is currently sold out; but every once awhile someone can’t make it and sells a ticket. I’d suggest joining our slack forum to be notified of this when tickets become available. I’ll send you an invite!

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