Hollow Zone Brings Jack the Ripper to Life with Wax House VR

Mixed reality experiences are becoming more and more popular, with companies like The Void (Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment) and Pure Imagination (Alien: Descent) immersing guests more fully than even virtual reality previously could. Hollow Zone Immersive takes cues from those companies and provides an eerie mystery with Wax House: […]

The Blackwood Charter – A Weekend-Long Escape Room – Interview with Daniel Gale-Rosen

The Blackwood Charter mixes immersive entertainment with an escape room to create a weekend-long, puzzle-solving Event. Focusing on the narrative, Blackwood brings guests in as investigators of a decades-old mystery, hoping they can solve the case before the world at large is negatively impacted. The Charter is headed up by the elusive Executor, who only […]

Midsummer Scream 2018: Stash House Sends Us Undercover to “Give Up the Ghost”

It’s a hot, sticky day down at Midsummer Scream 2018 in Long Beach, and Ray Jones needs our help. We’d met briefly before, when I helped him with some…well…contraband disposal over in Koreatown, but now he’s in a bind.  Through a mutual contact, he tells us he’s trying to make a deal with someone known […]

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