Scout Expedition Co.

Scout Expedition Co. is an immersive theater company created in 2017, but the founders have a long history working for Disney Imagineering and and doing Scenic Design for Delusion.

  • Scout Expedition Co.
  • Los Angeles Area
  • Immersive Theater
  • Freedom to Explore and Strong Narratives
  • Background in Scenic Design

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More about Scout Expedition Co.

This is the page for Scout Expedition Co. — creators of immersive adventures, and your guide to places unknown!

The founders of this immersive theater company are Jarrett Lantz and Jeff Leinenveber, who have a long and prosperous professional career in Theme Park and Scenic design that has lead them to create rich environments and tell fun stories all over the world. Our work with the talented teams of Walt Disney Imagineering, Third Rail Projects, Cirque du Soleil, and Delusion have provided them with the precise know-how to bring new worlds to life through engaging and unique experiences. The only thing that’s missing is you!

Join them for The Nest in April, 2017:

“You receive the last will and testament of a mysterious woman named Josie. She has entrusted her storage room to you, filled with decades of collected memories and cryptic secrets. The Nest is an immersive experience that gives you the freedom to investigate her story. Equipped with a flashlight, search through personal effects, explore your surroundings, and listen to audio cassettes to piece together the dramatic narrative of Josie’s life”

This immersive theater company launched in February of 2017 and thus little is known about them. From their background, we see they have a rich history in working on some wonderful projects and thus we are putting our trust in them right away. We look forward to participating in The Nest and giving you a full rundown of their themes and style.



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