Scout Expedition Co. Brings The Nest Back to Los Angeles

Immersive entertainment company, Scout Expedition Co., announced today an all-new production of its premiere experience, The Nest. The show will debut in late summer 2019 with a refreshed storyline, taking advantage of its new home in a historic Los Angeles storage building. The announcement comes with the launch of the company’s Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the production, along with the release of a teaser trailer offering fans an early glimpse of the experience.


The Nest, Scout Expedition Co, Immersive Theater, Los Angeles, CA


Scout Expedition Co. first debuted The Nest in April 2017 as a limited, six-month engagement. The show made a splash in the Los Angeles immersive theater scene with its unique format of atmospheric storytelling, selling out both its initial run and subsequent extensions.


The Nest, Scout Expedition Co, Immersive Theater, Los Angeles, CA


The Nest tells the story of a woman named Josephine Carroll, who has recently passed away, leaving behind a storage unit filled with decades of her collected memories and cryptic secrets. Equipped with a flickering flashlight, audience members will explore her storage unit in order to piece together the tragic events of her life.


The Nest, Scout Expedition Co, Immersive Theater, Los Angeles, CA


“Telling engaging stories in beautiful environments is our passion,” says Jarrett Lantz, Co-Creative Director of Scout Expedition Co. “And that’s why we drew on some of the best examples of environmental storytelling – immersive theater, narrative video games, and escape rooms – to create The Nest.”


The Nest, Scout Expedition Co, Immersive Theater, Los Angeles, CA


“Giving audience members an active role in discovering the narrative leaves them with a story that feels very much their own,” says Jeff Leinenveber, Co-Creative Director of Scout Expedition Co. “And everyone who sees The Nest will leave the show with a different interpretation of Josie’s life and what happened to her.”


More information about The Nest, including its teaser trailer, Kickstarter, and options for pre-sale tickets can be found at


Read our review of the original run of The Nest here.


Scout Expedition Co, Immersive Theater, Los Angeles, CA


About Scout Expedition Co.

Scout Expedition Co. is an immersive entertainment company based in Los Angeles, California. Led by Creative Directors Jarrett Lantz and Jeff Leinenveber, Scout is dedicated to the telling of unique and engaging stories set in richly detailed environments. Jarrett and Jeff’s professional work both in the theme park and immersive theater industries has provided them with the precise know-how to bring these new worlds to life. For more information, visit:

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