The Reality X

The Reality X is an immersive experience company that blends the puzzles and excitement of escape rooms with the intimacy and interactivity of  immersive theatre to create a truly unique experience.

  • Los Angeles centric experiences
  • Group experiences with solo tracks
  • Narrative-driven competition where friends become enemies
  • Light-contact, hoods, and restraints
  • Horror, intrigue, and mystery themes
  • $250 prize for first person to complete their track each show

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More on The Reality X

The Reality X’s core values are centered on immersion, originality and affordability. As fans of immersive theater, reality television and escape rooms (they have done over 250!), they aim to innovate beyond the traditional room by formatting theirs as a social experiment. “If you see someone struggling, will human nature kick in or will you ignore them [to move] closer to the prize?” Cameron Cooper asks. While he says there’s no incorrect answer, it is interesting to watch people’s responses, especially with a monetary prize for the champion.


The three currently running productions are described below:


Welcome Home

Welcome Home takes its inspiration from movies like You’re Next and The Strangers, and is currently the closest you’ll get to living out those horror films. Giving guests the freedom to explore a vast property, solve puzzles, and avoid masked men (and a truly frightening woman), Welcome Home will be a unique experience for every guest – and each return visit will be different.

Guests are invited by their Cousin Ian to a multi-acre mansion in the middle of nowhere. He is picking the successor to his fortune, but to choose a winner (who also earns a $250 grand prize) amongst the guests, he has created some tests for them—and invited masked monstrosities to stand in the way.



Inspired by everyone’s favorite board game, Clue. You have been brought in the solve the famous case of Alex Wagner’s murder. You have a secret that nobody else knows about…but so does everyone else. You must investigate the house, instigate and solve puzzles to be the first to find the murderer, the murder weapon and location before time runs out. Be the sole winner of up to $250 or remain a suspect and go down with everyone else. Be on your toes because there are twists around every corner.


The Victor

You are representing one of seven factions that must select two tributes to compete till death and become the sole Victor. Hunt, Survive, Hide, Kill or Be Killed and become the leading Victor for the cash prize and resources for your faction. Based on the world-wide best selling trilogy, Hunger Games. This is the closest you can get to the real Hunger Games… without the death part.



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