The Boanthropic & The Society

The Boanthropic and The Society is a single on-going immersive experience centered around The Society, a cult that values oneness and ecstasy, and The Boanthropic, a resistance that is trying to work against The Society from the inside. But the truth is grey and who is right and who is wrong is nebulous.

  • The Boanthropic and The Society
  • Los Angeles area
  • Alternate Reality Experience interspersed with immersive events
  • Small group and individual shows
  • Focused on cults and their impact
  • Encourages large group interaction to solve puzzles
  • Experiences frequently send participants on hikes

The ARX and immersive experiences are ongoing with upcoming events already announced for September 22nd-25th, October 5th, and October 28th. Check the Instagram accounts and the official Slack for more information on upcoming events.


The Latest on The Boanthropic and The Society

The Society, a hedonistic cult that lives in a compound somewhere in the Los Angeles hills, began making trips down into the city to make contact with potential new inductees. Led by a mysterious man known only as the Founder, this leader is rumored to possess incredible powers, including teleportation, inter-dimensional travel, and some form of immortality. He is reclusive, rarely seen by even his own followers. In his place is Tad Shafer, the public face of The Society who was hired by the group to be its intermediary with the outside world, facilitating their visits and serving as their mouthpiece in person and online. Though the Society espouses love and spiritual oneness, there is a darker side to their activities resting just beneath the surface.


One of the members of the Society, a young woman named Mary, is pregnant. It is rumored that the Founder was the one to impregnate her–without her consent. The rumors further suggest that the Founder plans to use the baby to enact a ritual related to the story of the Moonchild, a myth of dark magic and the antichrist. To prevent this, a resistance cell has formed within the Society led by Mary and another Society member, Eric Andrew Hoff, who is also known by his resistance code name: The Black Rose. With the rallying cry of this resistance “Save the Moonchild”, Eric is recruiting would-be resistance members to infiltrate the Society to rise in their ranks and save Mary. However, another force is at play that also wishes to stymie the Founder’s plot: the Boanthropic.


The Boanthropic are entities of pure energy manifested from the intense trauma experienced by people who endure severe, dehumanizing emotional abuse and manipulation that strips them of their memory, will, and identity. This intense emotional pressure then pushes the last remnants of the victims’ spirits out of their physical bodies, leaving them behind, alive but boanthropized; the spirits then join a larger collective spiritual body known as the Boanthropic. They are ethereal beings that have come to earth to intercede and guide a group of willing humans (who they refer to as Pilgrims) towards the goal of preventing more pain and suffering at the hands of people like the Founder. The Resistance, or “the Bobo” (separate from the spirits) led by Mary and Eric believe in the power of the spirits but have never actually made contact with them in the way the Pilgrims have. Generally these spirits cannot be seen, but lately Pilgrims have witnessed them entering the physical realm by influencing physical objects, sending messages via electricity, and apparating into strange beasts.


As Mary’s due date fast approaches, Pilgrims must to continue to aid Black Rose and the Resistance by rising through the ranks of the Society as all sides wait for the Boanthropic spirits’ return to earth.

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