The Boanthropic & The Society

The Boanthropic and The Society is a single on-going immersive experience centered around The Society, a cult that values oneness and ecstasy, and The Boanthropic, a resistance that is trying to work against The Society from the inside. But the truth is grey and who is right and who is wrong is nebulous.

  • The Boanthropic and The Society
  • Los Angeles area
  • Alternate Reality Experience interspersed with immersive events
  • Small group and individual shows
  • Focused on cults and their impact
  • Encourages large group interaction to solve puzzles
  • Experiences frequently send participants on hikes

The ARX and immersive experiences are ongoing with upcoming events already announced for September 22nd-25th, October 5th, and October 28th. Check the Instagram accounts and the official Slack for more information on upcoming events.

The Boanthropic and The Society

The Latest on The Boanthropic and The Society

Tickets are now on sale for two upcoming Society membership induction events:

Genesis (L1-L7) and Divulgence (L8-L16)

The events will be held from September 22nd through the 24th. For more information and ticket purchases, visit

Events centered around the Boanthropic have been announced for October: Harvest Moon Rising on October 5th and Nocturnal Reverse on October 28th.  For more information, click here.

An event called Devil at the Gate is currently dateless, but an announcement is expected soon.

Read our brief primer for the story and characters and in-depth timeline of Summer 2017 to learn all you need to know about the Society and the Boanthropic.

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