A Nocturnal Reverse on the Solstice with TheBoanthropic

With the familiar cooing of melancholic horns, TheBoanthropic Resistance has heralded a turning point in the the saga of The Society and TheBoanthropic. Thursday, December 21st marks the coming of the Winter Solstice and the potential realization of a months-long quest: SAVE THE MOONCHILD.

Two tiers of experiences. You may choose either to attend both events or A Rescue on the Solstice on its own ($35-$70)

Nocturnal Reverse

Starting at 5:45pm

An journey back to 1995, and the tragedy of The Society rescue downtown. For months Eubanks P. Coaltrain has been working under the direction of the Resistance to use his Instagram account @eubankskindrewind as a platform to disseminate a library of found footage related to the Society obscured by his own artistic editing whims. A man claiming to be a legal representative of the Society threatened Eubanks with a cease and desist order, but he has thrown caution to the wind in spite of the threats. He now has a new box of footage from the Resistance to explore, unveiling the truth of a prior failed attempt to infiltrate the Society.

A Rescue on the Solstice

Starting at 7:30pm

Mary has sent word to us with the help of Krysta and other unknown allies. On scraps of paper recovered from the burn pile, the Pilgrims have learned Mary waits out the remainder of her pregnancy in a cramped cell somewhere in the city. With the help of the Boanthropic Resistance, you must take the reins and help Mary and child escape from her cell before it’s too late.

Very limited tickets available at the night’s Eventbrite page.

PILGRIMS PREPARE: If you would like to better understand the saga of TheBoanthropic, visit our Society/Boanthropic portfilio page for a summary of all characters, recent developments, and a list of all related social media profiles.

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Chris Wollman
Chris first checked into the McKittrick Hotel in 2011 and has loved immersive theatre ever since. He holds a Bachelors in Theatre from SDSU, a Masters in Education from USC, and is currently teaching Shakespeare to kids. As Douglas Adams said, he loves deadlines; he loves the whooshing noise they make as they go by.
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