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Drycraeft LA is an immersive company that specializes in immersive performances as well as long running alternate reality experiences. They are known for the long-running The Society/Boanthropic ARX experience as well as Wolftrail ARX and Rochester, 1996.

  • Los Angeles Based
  • Immersive experiences with audio-guided walks, group explorations, & individual events
  • Solo or group experiences
  • Narratives that require reflection & interaction to unfold
  • Encourages large group interaction to solve puzzles
  • Experiences are location-centric with emphasis on walking/hiking

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More about Drycraeft LA

Drycraeft LA craefts uncanny realities, stories without end and worlds within worlds.

Below are descriptions of past Drycraeft LA experiences:

Rochester, 1996 – An immersive theatre production exploring family and identity through a Sunday in the life of an urban pastor and his teenage daughter. This show was a collaboration with Capital W.

Wolf Trail ARX – This experience started as an Instagram mystery which evolved into a site specific true crime meditative audio experience.

The Boanthropic/The Society ARX – This ARX had multiple in person events representing a Sex cult (the society) and a rival organization (The Boanthropic) intent on rescuing those trapped in the cult. (See below for a detailed description of this experience).

The Story of TheBoanthropic and The Society

The Society is a hedonistic cult that lives in a compound somewhere in the Los Angeles. Led by a mysterious man known only as the Founder, this leader is rumored to possess incredible powers, including teleportation, inter-dimensional travel, and some form of immortality. Though the Society espouses love and spiritual oneness, there is a darker side to their activities lurking just beneath the surface.

One of the members of the Society, a young woman named Mary, is pregnant. It is rumored that the Founder plans to use the baby to enact a ritual related to the story of the Moonchild, a myth of dark magic and the antichrist. To prevent this, a Resistance cell has formed within the Society.

However, another force is at play that also wishes to stymie the Founder’s plot: TheBoanthropic. TheBoanthropic are entities of pure energy manifested from the intense trauma experienced by people who endure severe, dehumanizing emotional abuse and manipulation that strips them of their memory, will, and identity. They are ethereal beings that have come to earth to intercede and guide a group of willing humans (who they refer to as Pilgrims) towards the goal of preventing more pain and suffering at the hands of people like the Founder.

As Mary’s due date fast approaches, the Pilgrims must to continue to aid the Resistance by rising through the ranks of the Society as all sides wait for TheBoanthropic spirits’ return to earth.


december, 2023



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