Project Description

Screenshot Productions’ main goal is to use self-reflection to facilitate growth and improvement. Their works often challenge the individual to find empathy and connection to others’ conditions, especially in the larger context of social and cultural issues.

  • Screenshot Productions
  • Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco Area
  • Individual Shows with Some Group Experiences
  • Full Physical Contact; Exploration Based
  • Immersive theater that focuses on a singular theme–such as death, birth, fear, and love.
  • Meant to have an impact on the world and change it one person at a time.
  • Non-horror, often with zen and self-reflection themes

Screenshot Productions just concluded Bardo Thodol and The Rope during the 2016 Halloween Season and is preparing for more shows in early 2017.

Screenshot Productions

More on Screenshot Productions

Screenshot Productions are a newly formed collective of interdisciplinary artists with a long-term vision to establish a sustainable immersive culture in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Their mission in all the work they create, regardless of form or medium, is to place the individual within universal human experiences that speak to larger cultural or social issues, and thereby ask the individual to consider their responsibility and place within a larger whole. Their works often challenge the individual to find empathy and connection to others’ conditions through their own inner reflection. Screenshot Productions explore the spaces between art, technology, interconnectivity and the self, creating journeys with a genuine emotional impact.

Their previous shows have been Fear is What We Learned Here, Parturition, Shoshin, Bardo Thodol, and The Rope with an ongoing membership package Das Gericht. Selected descriptions are as follows:

Membership: A Screenshot Productions membership is a transformative portal to another world. A world that will both reflect and transcend the human experience… A world that will awaken your curiosity and intellect… A world that will provoke change and growth within you. Not only will you have priority access to all standalone productions throughout the year, you will also have exclusive access to ‘Das Gericht’, an ongoing life experience utilizing several unprecedented methods of immersion. In addition, you will have custom shows built exclusively for you alone and a look at some of our productions from the other side of the curtain.

Fear is What We Learned Here: Fear asked you to enter a dream that challenged you to face your greatest existential fears.  Within this dream you traversed ever changing hallways of darkness and fog, encountering different representations of universal fears of the human psyche such as the fear of failure, loneliness, or rejection. The experience ended with an empowering sequence representing the overcoming of such fears and a challenge to live an empowered, fulfilling life going forward.

Parturition: Experience your birth firsthand. Chose from a natural (naked) or theatrical (clothed) birth and prepare for your awe-inspiring entry into this world. Move through visceral birth canals, be forcefully removed by doctors, and meet your loving mom for the first time. This emotional journey left many in tears by its conclusion.

The Rope: Gather around a crackling bonfire in the cavern of Medullarum, opening a portal into the dark world of Conscientia. Travel this world as the unnamed hero amid a network of illusion and ethos. The Rope utilizes intimate performance, illusory installation and the cultural mirrors of fantasy and sci-fi to traverse a synesthetic narrative of agency and empathy. It plays like an RPG from the PS2 era, envoking a sense of discovery and mystery.

Selected Recollections

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