Terror in Train Town – The Bloodshed Brothers Bring Their Brand of Terror to Perris

The Bloodshed Brothers carry with them an impressive pedigree in the world of haunted attractions, having started in the world of home haunting before bringing their expertise to Lake Elsinore’s Storm Stadium for an early incarnation of Field of Screams. But for 2019, Perris is receiving a Halloween treat in the form of the Brothers’ newest attraction, Terror in Train Town.


Located at the Southern California Railway Museum (hence the name), Terror in Train Town consists of two separate haunted mazes. The first, Hyde Street Haunted House, is a classic walk-through attraction, filled with chilling set pieces and intermittent jump-scares, while the other, The Darkness, entrenches guests in a pitch-black experience they’ll have to navigate their way out of without the aid of flashlights or any other type of help. It’s a one-two punch that creates one of the more unique haunts the Inland Empire has seen in quite some time.


Terror in Train Town


Hyde Street Haunted House

Hyde Street Haunted House might just sneak under the radar as one of the best single mazes of the entire season. It serves up the same type of classic Halloweentime Americana that longtime Knott’s favorite Trick or Treat did for years, with 1950s décor peppering the house, like paper skeletons on the door and grotesque old-fashioned masks hiding its inhabitants. Fans of Midsummer Scream will recognize the innocuous décor on the front door and the hanging jack-o-lanterns from the mini-version, Hyde Street Massacrebut even though the haunt has been renamed to something a bit less gruesome, Hyde Street Haunted House doesn’t suffer one bit for it.


Hyde Street Haunted House is deceptively large, for one thing. The simple facade, well-decorated as it is, gives zero indication of the sprawling haunt waiting for guests as they ring the ominous doorbell in front of them. The house simply goes on and on, but never feels overindulgent. Every room feels connected, adding to the theme that this is truly one demented family’s house decorated for October.


Terror in Train Town


The talent inside Hyde Street Haunted House must be commended, as well. Each actor fills their own unique role, whether it’s contorting on the ground, popping out of a trunk, or simply sitting on a couch in a deeply unsettling Halloween mask, practically daring brave haunt-goers to step closer. They truly give each performance their all, and it enhances the house in ways that major haunts often miss out on. This is where authentic Halloween passion lies and it makes the eerie fun infectious and impossible not to enjoy.


Terror in Train Town


The Darkness

Terror in Train Town‘s other house, The Darkness, is off to a good start this season, but in the coming years, could use the same elbow grease that went into Hyde Street Haunted House. A classic blackout maze, The Darkness deals primarily with tricking guests into using their own psyches against them, never knowing what might be lurking around the corner in the dark. Sadly, however, it usually turns out to be nothing at all.


In the interest of full disclosure, Haunting’s visit to Terror in Train Town was one of the last of the night during their media preview, so results may vary during more well-populated operating hours, but if The Darkness suffers from anything, it’s being woefully understaffed. On a first walk-through, no actors were present, and only one actor during a second, and as enthusiastic as that one scare-actor was, The Darkness could definitely benefit from a full cast, or at least a few people scattered within the titular darkness.


Terror in Train Town


Final Thoughts

While The Darkness could use some work, Hyde Street Haunted House is an absolute must-see maze for fans of haunted attractions. Phenomenal décor, a suitably terrifying atmosphere, and one of the best casts around converge to make this house a huge hit for The Bloodshed Brothers. If Terror in Train Town returns for the 2020 season, it will be fascinating to see what evolves in this fantastic haunt.


Terror in Train Town


Follow The Bloodshed Brothers on Facebook and Instagram, and purchase tickets for Terror in Train Town, running now through October 26th, HERE. Check out our Event Guide for more immersive and horror entertainment throughout the year.



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