Reign of Terror 2019 Continues to Deliver an Endless Array of Scares

Reign of Terror 2019 is an exercise in sheer terror, taking guests through a variety of nightmares across a seemingly endless gauntlet of rooms, putting them at the mercy of a sordid rogues’ gallery of ghouls, ghosts, monsters and madmen. That said, the location of Reign of Terror inside a pristine outdoor shopping center in […]

Dark Harbor 2019 Dives Into the Haunted Lore of the Queen Mary

It’s that time of year again when the fog rolls into the Long Beach Harbor, bringing with it the ghosts and ghouls that lurk beside the ocean shore. The witching hour stirs the twisted and tortured souls doomed to wander through Queen Mary’s moonlit halls. While some have been lingering for decades, others are inspired […]

Immersive Definitions – A Helpful Guide to Understanding Styles, Types and Contact Levels

Note: While Erik Blair is the main author and wrote almost all of the below immersive definitions, this document is influenced by all members of the staff to ensure that it is a complete representation of Haunting’s views.   When exploring the immersive community, creators and audiences alike will find a great many words being […]

Blackout Kickstarter Heralds the Return of the Legendary Haunt

It’s rapidly approaching, folks! Today, Blackout announced their Kickstarter, designed to fund and keep ticket prices down for their eagerly anticipated Halloween show in New York City this October. Blackout Kickstarter.    Donation tiers range from $25 (a thank you from Blackout) all the way up to $1000 (2 guaranteed tickets, 2 one hour backstage […]

Midsummer Scream’s Hall of Shadows 2019 Excites us for the Haunt Season – Recap

Below are short, bite-sized reviews of the eleven haunts from Midsummer Scream’s Hall of Shadows 2019. Read and watch our walk-through videos – and then add these haunts to your Halloween Season calendar!  Thank you to Melissa Howland and Taylor Winters for helping with this article, Kevin Hsu for filming the walk-throughs, and Jon Kobryn […]

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