Intruder Escape is a Phoenix Rising from Reality X’s Ashes – An Interview

Reality X emerged in 2018, combining the tense dread of an immersive horror experience with the puzzles and innovation of one of the best escape rooms. Their first experience, Welcome Home, gave participants the autonomy and freedom to explore a gigantic ranch house, completing puzzles while hiding (and escaping) from numerous killers stalking their every […]

HVRTING’S BL4CKTAPE Brings Beautifully Terrifying Art Over Pain at Midsummer Scream 2019

Please note in the interest of full disclosure: HVRTING is an extreme haunt offshoot of this website (, and the two entities share multiple staff members, including the writer of this review. The writer attended this particular event as a participant. Thank you to Jon Kobryn for his video edits and Taylor Winters for filming […]

SDCC Overview: Activations, Network Hubs & Audience Experiences – SDCC Video

With numerous experiential activations taking place under one umbrella, San Diego Comic-Con saw the emergence of branded installation areas, which featured numerous smaller activations inside. Think of them as the lands in Disneyland, if each land was appropriately devoted to a given network and each ride was an immersive experience. In this article, Haunting will […]

The Walking Dead’s Winter Escape is Anything but Dead – SDCC Video

I step out onto the frozen river; the ice creaks loudly below my feet. That’s a thin spot, move with care, my guide warns. I hold tighter onto the rope that binds our group. The wind roars between the snow-covered pines; it’s cold, but at least it masks the screams hear faintly in the distance. [...]

American Horror Story 1984 is ’80s Campy Horror at its Finest – SDCC Video

Video of American Horror Story 1984.    The door to Cabin Number 9 slams shut. Senior Counselor Marcie sighs with relief. Oh, It’s you! I thought you were–. She wipes the sweat from her brow, dramatically. Now, keep quiet. I don’t want him to hear us. Him – the tall, hulking, monstrous man in the […]

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