Faceless Ventures

Faceless Ventures is the production team behind Cracked, Fraternity and Diary of a Deceased. Their home base is in the United Kingdom but they brought their extreme show “Cracked” to the US in 2018 pairing up with Heretic Haunted House for their event.

  • Faceless Ventures
  • United Kingdom
  • Extreme and Non-Extreme immersive shows
  • Cracked can include physical endurance, electricity, and force-feeding
  • Small group shows and solo shows

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Faceless Ventures: Cracked & Fraternity


Faceless Ventures: Diary of a Deceased


More on Faceless Ventures

Faceless Ventures is a diverse company that provides a horror attractions for all audience members.

Cracked: Cracked is Faceless Venture’s most extreme show. In Cracked, your endurance will be tested over six hours. Guests are physically and mentally challenged through physically grueling tasks, including electric shocks and force feeding. In 2018, Faceless Ventures will once again pair with LA based Heretic Haunted House for their Cracked Vs. Heretic event.

Fraternity: Fraternity is the UK’s first horror alternative reality game, featuring various in person events and online puzzles and interactions. Participants have already experienced their initiation but they are always looking for new recruits. Enrollment for the second installment is about to begin and info can be found on their facebook page.

Diary of a Deceased: In October, the team will present Diary of a Deceased. Diary of a Deceased promises to be a departure from the more extreme nature of Cracked vs Heretic, leaning instead towards the theatrical end of the immersive spectrum. This thirty minute experience will be for fans 15 years old and above–and will be their second partnership with the US-based Heretic Horror House.



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