The Ciccone Tapes cracked uk faceless ventures blake ciccone survival experience

The Ciccone Tapes Unveils the Mythos behind Cracked’s Enigmatic Mastermind

The Ciccone Tapes was a private show created by Faceless Ventures that occurred on June 9th 2018 in the North of England. It was part of the mythology of Cracked – Survival Experience, an endurance haunt where the willpower of guests is tested by the enigmatic Blake Ciccone. In The Ciccone Tapes, participants arrived as detectives […]

cracked vs heretic faceless ventures adrian marcato relax blake ciccone

Cracked vs Heretic 2018: A RELAX Recollection (Spoilers)

Below is a Recollection–this is not a review, but rather a full spoiler walkthrough of the author’s experience in Cracked vs. Heretic’s RELAX, an extreme haunt by Cracked and Heretic. As RELAX will not be remounted, it is safe to read this and not be concerned with spoilers. For recollection of both nights with fewer spoilers, […]

Cracked - Heretic - RELAX

To Hell & Back – Two Nights of Cracked vs. Heretic

Below is a Recollection–this is not a review, but rather a walkthrough of the author’s experience in Cracked vs. Heretic’s RELAX, an extreme haunt by Cracked and Heretic, a battle between Adrian and Blake. This recollection is vague and does not contain spoilers beyond general themes and memories. This experience in this form will never be […]

Cracked vs Heretic: Review – The Death of Adrian Marcato & the Lesson He Left Behind

Cracked vs. Heretic: RELAX   A couple of times, during my journey through Cracked vs Heretic, I just laid my head down. Closed my eyes, only saw hints of flashing light filtering through my eyelids, merged my head with the soundscape created by roaring monsters, screaming participants, distorted vocals and industrial drone. Tiny, timeless moments […]

faceless ventures - Heretic - Diary of a Deceased - Haunt

Diary of a Deceased: The Mind of a John Doe

Following the success of April 2017’s Cracked vs Heretic, UK-based Faceless Ventures is looking forward to expanding their working partnership with Los Angeles’ Heretic Haunted House with a new project: Diary of a Deceased.   Diary of a Deceased is a journey into the life and mind of a man through the only possession that […]

Cracked Survival Experience Heretic The Parallel Extreme Haunt Europe Uk England Haunted House

Cracked vs Heretic – Six Hours, Two Haunts, One Night

Easter weekend brought two of the edgiest extreme haunts in the world together in a celebration of cerebral terror in an unassuming small town in central England. Adrian Marcato, the mastermind of the Los Angeles underground extreme horror event known as H E R E T I C, joined forces with Blake Ciccone, the developer […]

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