Diary of a Deceased: The Mind of a John Doe

Following the success of April 2017’s Cracked vs Heretic, UK-based Faceless Ventures is looking forward to expanding their working partnership with Los Angeles’ Heretic Haunted House with a new project: Diary of a Deceased.


faceless ventures - Heretic - Diary of a Deceased - HauntDiary of a Deceased is a journey into the life and mind of a man through the only possession that was found with on his body. John Doe was discovered alone clutching his treasured old Diary so tightly that it had to be pried out of his hands on arrival at the hospital. A curious nurse with the sole job of caring & looking after the body couldn’t resist the temptation to open the diary. She found that every page had been torn out and except four single pages. Each of the pages that remained told a strange story spanning decades through the eyes of the deceased. It described terrible nightmares of demons and noises from the dark that were documented as true and very real, and further, it documented the owner’s ability to not only hear but also see “the other side”. Diary of a Deceased takes you and your group on a terrifyingly fearful journey into John Doe’s life and death. Experience what lies in those pages of his diary.





The event will be taking place at the Mexborough Business Centre on College Road, also the location of the recent Fraternity: Initiation, a refurbished former grammar school dating back to the Victorian era. Billed as a “30 minute immersive show recommended for age 15+”, Diary of a Deceased promises to be a departure from the more extreme nature of Cracked vs Heretic, leaning instead towards the theatrical end of the immersive spectrum. “I only want to use full contact or any contact where it is needed,” explains Lee Conway, co-owner of Faceless Ventures.


This is a return to their roots for Conway. “Cracked is our only extreme event,” he explains. “The rest of our work for the last five years has been traditional mazes and walkthroughs. Our background is home haunting, which is still rare in the UK with only three to four in a city. For years, I have had a love for the Southern California side of the industry and the way they tell stories.”


With tickets on sale for £10 (roughly $13), this is not only the perfect opportunity to enter into some of the most gloriously terrifying minds on both sides of the Atlantic ocean, but also an exciting new direction for the UK’s blossoming haunt scene.





“He had no name and no identity. In fact, the only thing he had was his tattered Diary. Within the cherished four page document, can we piece John Doe’s life, and possibly death, together?

Follow the scary transatlantic journey into his thoughts and mind this October. How far into the mind of John Doe are you willing to go?”


I look forward to answering that question this October. Will you join me?

Tickets are on sale now at http://buytickets.at/diaryofadeceased.



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