Immersive theater is any kind of live entertainment that brings the audience inside the world of the performance. This can range from an artistic interpretation of a feeling, a real-world scavenger hunt with a curated soundtrack, or a personalized show with actors knowing intimate details of your life. However, Immersive Theater only works if the audience is comfortable and can participate, so understanding whether a show will be a good fit is paramount. This section will provide you with a general road-map: what’s out there, what to expect, and if it might be the kind of show you’re looking for.

Haunting Company Directory - Immersive Theater Extreme Haunts Haunted Houses Entertainment Horror
The 49 Boxes - Magic - Thayer - Michael Borys - Alex Lieu - Immersive Escape Room with Magic
ABC Project Annie Lesser Immersive Theater Covell Barbershop Apartment 8 Distillery Elevator
alone haunting existential haunt haunting.net immersive theater
Into the Black - Black House - Larry Bones - Cheryl Bones - Haunted House - Halloween
The Society - The Boanthropic - Ongoing immersive Experience - ARX
Candle House Collective - Last Candle ARX - Evan Neiden - Immersive Storytelling
Capital W Immersive Theater - Monica Miklas and Lauren Ludwig - Red Flags - The Drum - Hamlet Mobile
Catharsis Horror - Extreme Haunt - San Diego - Rape - Physicality Brutal
Ceaseless fun - Derek Spencer - Radical Immersive Theater
Dark Corner - Catatonic - Mule - Virtual Reality - VR - Guy Shelmerdine
Disco Dining Club
Drunken Devil
Drycraft LA, Logo, Full Size Image
In Another Room - An Emotional Ghost Story in a Haunted House - E3W Productions - Immersive Theater - Haunting
Elk Owl Society - Elk-Owl Society - Lights Out - Blindfolded Dinner - Blind Owl
Epic Immersive - San Francisco - Large Scale Immersive Experiences - Steve Boyle
Evil Twin Studios
The Experiences - Tension - Lust - Darren Lynn Bousman - Clint Sears - Sabrina Kern - ARX - Immersive Theater
Faceless Ventures Extreme Haunt UK Cracked
Fear Games - Extreme Haunt - Seven Deadly Sins - San Diego
Field of Screams - Haunted House Halloween
Firelight Collective - Nathan Keyes - Stephanie Feury - Studio Theatre - Immersive Theater - Stars in the Night
Force of Nature Productions - Theater company
Ghost Train - Griffith Park - LALSRM - Los Angeles Live Screamers Railroad Mausoleum - Live Streamers Railroad Museum - Fundraiser - Kid Friendly Haunt
Great Horror Campout
Heretic - Drencrom - The Parallel - Adrian Marcato - Extreme Haunt - Haunted House - Horror Simulation - Haunting
Hollywood Fringe Festival
Horror Escapes LA - HELA - The Count's Den - Dr. X - Night Shift - Rachel Foti - Immersive Horror
Hurting - Extreme Haunt - Haunting - Immersive Experience - Hvrting
Into the Film, Haunting, Phantom of the Opera
Infinitely Dinner Society - Immersive, Food, Art
Just Fix It Productions - CreepLA - The Willows - Justin Fix - Immersive Haunted House Experience - LORE - Entry - Creep - Los Angeles - Halloween
Knott's Scary Farm
La Casa de Satanas Sovereign 2018 Chicago extreme haunt Pilsen full contact citizens militia kidnapping
LA Haunted Hayride
Mable's 6 Feet Under - Haunted House - Anaheim - Haunt - Halloween
Metaforyou - terence Leclure - Immersive Theater Producer
Miasma - A Terror Experience - Chicago - Extreme Haunt
Midsummer Scream - Premier Halloween Convention - Scares and fun - Haunting
Obscura Horror - Tulsa, Oklahoma - Extreme Haunt
Overlook, Overlook Film Festival, Festival
pseudonym productions - no filter - immersive orlando florida experiences
Queen Mary Dark Harbor
Quietus Horror, Logo, Full Sized
The Reality X
Reign Of Terror
Rogue Artists Ensemble - Immersive Theater - Mixed Media - Culturally Inclusive - Los Angeles - Kaidan Project
Santu Deliria - Extreme Haunt
Savage House
Scarehouse Basement Pittsburgh Extreme Haunt
ScareLA Haunting Haunting.net Haunt Extreme Haunt Convention
Scout Expedition Co Haunting Haunting.net The Nest Immersive Theater
Screenshot Productions
Shine On Collective
Horror, Immersive Theater, Shock Theater, eye for Horror, winter Session, New York, Long Island Immersive