Immersive theater is any kind of live entertainment that brings the audience inside the world of the performance. This can range from an artistic interpretation of a feeling, a real-world scavenger hunt with a curated soundtrack, or a personalized show with actors knowing intimate details of your life. However, Immersive Theater only works if the audience is comfortable and can participate, so understanding whether a show will be a good fit is paramount. This section will provide you with a general road-map: what’s out there, what to expect, and if it might be the kind of show you’re looking for.

Haunting Company Directory - Immersive Theater Extreme Haunts Haunted Houses Entertainment Horror
The 49 Boxes - Magic - Thayer - Michael Borys - Alex Lieu - Immersive Escape Room with Magic
ABC Project Annie Lesser Immersive Theater Covell Barbershop Apartment 8 Distillery Elevator
alone haunting existential haunt haunting.net immersive theater
Into the Black - Black House - Larry Bones - Cheryl Bones - Haunted House - Halloween
The Society - The Boanthropic - Ongoing immersive Experience - ARX
Candle House Collective - Last Candle ARX - Evan Neiden - Immersive Storytelling
Capital W Immersive Theater - Monica Miklas and Lauren Ludwig - Red Flags - The Drum - Hamlet Mobile
Castle of Chaos, Salt Lake City, Utah, Extreme Haunt
Catharsis Horror - Extreme Haunt - San Diego - Rape - Physicality Brutal
Ceaseless fun - Derek Spencer - Radical Immersive Theater
Dark Corner - Catatonic - Mule - Virtual Reality - VR - Guy Shelmerdine
Disco Dining Club
Drunken Devil
Drycraft LA, Logo, Full Size Image
In Another Room - An Emotional Ghost Story in a Haunted House - E3W Productions - Immersive Theater - Haunting
Elk Owl Society - Elk-Owl Society - Lights Out - Blindfolded Dinner - Blind Owl
Epic Immersive - San Francisco - Large Scale Immersive Experiences - Steve Boyle
Evil Twin Studios
The Experiences - Tension - Lust - Darren Lynn Bousman - Clint Sears - Sabrina Kern - ARX - Immersive Theater
Faceless Ventures Extreme Haunt UK Cracked
Fear Games - Extreme Haunt - Seven Deadly Sins - San Diego
Field of Screams - Haunted House Halloween
Firelight Collective - Nathan Keyes - Stephanie Feury - Studio Theatre - Immersive Theater - Stars in the Night
Force of Nature Productions - Theater company
Ghost Train - Griffith Park - LALSRM - Los Angeles Live Screamers Railroad Mausoleum - Live Streamers Railroad Museum - Fundraiser - Kid Friendly Haunt
Great Horror Campout
Heretic - Drencrom - The Parallel - Adrian Marcato - Extreme Haunt - Haunted House - Horror Simulation - Haunting
Hollywood Fringe Festival
Horror Escapes LA - HELA - The Count's Den - Dr. X - Night Shift - Rachel Foti - Immersive Horror
Hurting - Extreme Haunt - Haunting - Immersive Experience - Hvrting
Into the Film, Haunting, Phantom of the Opera
Infinitely Dinner Society - Immersive, Food, Art
Just Fix It Productions - CreepLA - The Willows - Justin Fix - Immersive Haunted House Experience - LORE - Entry - Creep - Los Angeles - Halloween
Knott's Scary Farm
La Casa de Satanas Sovereign 2018 Chicago extreme haunt Pilsen full contact citizens militia kidnapping
LA Haunted Hayride
Mable's 6 Feet Under - Haunted House - Anaheim - Haunt - Halloween
Metaforyou - terence Leclure - Immersive Theater Producer
Miasma - A Terror Experience - Chicago - Extreme Haunt
Midsummer Scream - Premier Halloween Convention - Scares and fun - Haunting
Obscura Horror - Tulsa, Oklahoma - Extreme Haunt
Overlook, Overlook Film Festival, Festival
pseudonym productions - no filter - immersive orlando florida experiences
Queen Mary Dark Harbor
Quietus Horror, Logo, Full Sized
The Reality X
Reign Of Terror
Rogue Artists Ensemble - Immersive Theater - Mixed Media - Culturally Inclusive - Los Angeles - Kaidan Project
Santu Deliria - Extreme Haunt
Savage House