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Pseudonym Productions creates themed entertainment that’s fully interactive, with an emphasis on theater, art, and gaming.

  • Based out of Orlando, Fl
  • Immersive experiences that are local or remote, allowing global play
  • In-person experiences in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Orlando
  • Online ARXs, such as NoFilter, relying on phone, email, & in-person interactions
  • Solo and group shows
  • Smart commentary delivered through narratives
  • Full contact, nudity, & sexual situations in some shows
  • Limited runs: only open a few nights per year

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More on Pseudonym Productions

Since 2013, Pseudonym has been creating living experiences. They hijack traditional theater to engage with the audience, drawing them into the performance as essential characters – bending, shaping, and actively participating in an elaborate narrative unfolding around them.

Like in an open world video game, the audience explores and interacts with fully responsive physical environments controlling the flow and direction of the performance while simultaneously being guided and entertained by professional actors. The resulting experience becomes a true collaboration between its creators, actors, and players.

They create themed entertainment that’s fully interactive, with an emphasis on theater, art, and gaming. It’s entertainment that’s designed to be fun, but also make audiences feel, think, and push boundaries.

While they are located in Orlando, FL, some of their experiences are online ARGs and accessible to anyone.


Their Mission:

At Pseudonym Productions, they strive to:

  • Provide impactful experiences that challenge, excite, and thrill players.
  • Give adults around the world ways to connect, hang out, and play in meaningful, memorable ways.
  • Help people of all ages become less isolated by immersing them in worlds of excitement where they feel welcome and important.
  • Make people to feel comfortable being whatever version of themselves they wish to be.
  • Allow people to achieve personal growth through stepping outside their comfort zone and push their own boundaries in safe and inviting ways.
  • Offering the benefits of taking risks without the fear of negative life consequences.
  • Encourage people to live differently.


Previous Experiences include the following:

  • The Secret Ball (2019)
    • The Secret Ball was a custom event for a client, a 3-day immersive experience to transform a luxury weekend in new york city into a sexy spy thriller. set in the heart of Times Square, this event brought together 60 discerning attendees for an unforgettable weekend of dark deals and dark desires. It all began long before guests arrived to new york. a 6-week digital experience set the stage, enticing more than 100 players to join The Vault online – a forum that trades in secrets. there players joined an ongoing game of trust and risk, submitting missions twice a week while chatting in realtime with each other and three main characters.
  • #NOFILTER (2018)
    • #NOFILTER consumed the lives of hundreds of players for 6 weeks of interacting online and in person with a satirical story of social media gone horribly wrong (you know, just like real-life social media).
  • A study of Dreams (2017)
    • A STUDY OF DREAMS was their most intimate and personal endeavor to date, limited to just 10 players at a time in a journey lasting roughly 1.5 hours. Despite coming to life during Halloween season, this live interactive experience was not a haunted house nor an escape room. There were no “boo” scares, startles, clowns, or chainsaws. this was a slow descent into a tale of horror, a mad world designed for you to get lost in. Players stepped beyond their everyday consciousness into a realm of mystery, where they controlled your dreams – until nightmares took control of them.
  • Catharsis (2016)
    • Catharsis was our opportunity to enter the realm of halloween time experiences. this 30-minute immersive haunted experience deviated from the traditional haunted houses orlando is famous for, replacing long winding conga lines with intimate, personal horror. Guests began their journey by entering an old, unmarked warehouse entirely on their own. inside, they were met with little more than a flickering screen indicating they had arrived in the right place along with instructions to sign our guest book and proceed down the hall. in the guest book, a question was posed of every guest: “what sin tempts you most?”
  • When Shadows Fall (2016)
    • When shadows fall combined live performance with clever interactions and fully immersive environments to create an entirely unique experience – a thrilling new form of interactive entertainment. Players explored a hyperreal world filled with shocking visuals, live actors, a rousing original musical score, and cinematic lighting, and interactions that brought familiar video game mechanics to real life. Set in the dystopian society of PENUMBRA, the experience’s imaginative spaces were designed to entice discovery of endless secrets, allowing players to safely push personal boundaries, take risks, reap rewards – and face consequences across a 15,000-square-foot stylized space.
  • The Republic (2015)
    • The republic was a proof-of-concept experience that established the foundation for their future interactive productions. billed as a “real life video game,” this experience mashed up elements of immersive theater with gaming to allow players to truly control the weird world around them. Making its sold-out debut at the Orlando Fringe festival, this inventive experience became an instant phenomenon that was unlike anything the city had ever seen. players praised its in-depth level of interactivity and the raw energy it created for every participant.


october, 2021


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