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The Boanthropic and The Society is a single on-going immersive experience centered around The Society, a cult that values oneness and ecstasy with a dark past and mysterious agenda, TheBoanthropic, a collection of spirits attempting to intercede, and Resistance that is trying to work against The Society from the inside. But the truth is grey and who is right and who is wrong is nebulous.

  • The Boanthropic and The Society
  • Los Angeles area
  • Alternate Reality Experience interspersed with immersive events
  • Small group and individual shows
  • Focused on cults and their impact
  • Encourages large group interaction to solve puzzles
  • Experiences frequently send participants on hikes

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The Story of The Boanthropic and The Society

The Society, a hedonistic cult that lives in a compound somewhere in the Los Angeles hills, began making trips down into the city to make contact with potential new inductees. Led by a mysterious man known only as the Founder, this leader is rumored to possess incredible powers, including teleportation, inter-dimensional travel, and some form of immortality. He is reclusive, rarely seen by even his own followers. In his place is Tad Shafer, the public face of The Society who was hired by the group to be its intermediary with the outside world, facilitating their visits and serving as their mouthpiece in person and online. Though the Society espouses love and spiritual oneness, there is a darker side to their activities lurking just beneath the surface.


One of the members of the Society, a young woman named Mary, is pregnant. It is rumored that the Founder was the one to impregnate her–without her consent. It has been further suggested that the Founder plans to use the baby to enact a ritual related to the story of the Moonchild, a myth of dark magic and the antichrist. To prevent this, a Resistance cell has formed within the Society led by Mary and another Society member, Eric Andrew Hoff, who is also known by his Resistance code name: The Black Rose. With their rallying cry, “Save the Moonchild,” Eric is recruiting would-be resistance members to infiltrate the Society to rise in their ranks and save Mary. However, another force is at play that also wishes to stymie the Founder’s plot: TheBoanthropic.


TheBoanthropic are entities of pure energy manifested from the intense trauma experienced by people who endure severe, dehumanizing emotional abuse and manipulation that strips them of their memory, will, and identity. This intense emotional pressure then pushes the last remnants of the victims’ spirits out of their physical bodies, leaving them behind, alive but boanthropized; the spirits then join a larger collective spiritual body known as the Boanthropic. They are ethereal beings that have come to earth to intercede and guide a group of willing humans (who they refer to as Pilgrims) towards the goal of preventing more pain and suffering at the hands of people like the Founder. The Resistance, or “the Bobo” (separate from the spirits) led by Mary and Eric believe in the power of the spirits but have never actually made contact with them in the way the Pilgrims have. Generally these spirits cannot be seen, but lately Pilgrims have witnessed them entering the physical realm by influencing physical objects, sending messages via electricity, and apparating into strange beasts.


The cause of TheBoanthropic is further supported by a small, eclectic group of allies who have aided the Pilgrims along their path. This group includes Beverly, the primary conduit of TheBoanthropic during their visits to Earth as the only person known who can actually hear their voices directly. Bev is assisted by Krysta, her newly eighteen year old next door neighbor, who has guided her much older friend in the ways of social media in order to amplify the message of TheBoanthropic. The Boanthropic Resistance (Bobo) are primarily led by the memory of a man known only as The Wayfarer, a researcher and computer genius who until the early 1980’s devoted his life to understanding TheBoanthropic and uncovering the dangers of The Society and its Founder. He mysteriously disappeared long ago, but recent events suggest he may still be alive and monitoring recent activity. Recently, it was revealed that the Instagram personality Eubanks P. Coaltrain, known for posting creative edits and overlays of old home movies, has been hired by the Resistance and fed old footage somehow related to a traumatic event that happened within the Society in 1995.


As Mary’s due date fast approaches, the Pilgrims must to continue to aid Black Rose and the Resistance by rising through the ranks of the Society as all sides wait for TheBoanthropic spirits’ return to earth.


The Factions


  • The Society: The Society is the chosen name of a community of likeminded spiritualists who live together on The Mountain, an as of yet undisclosed location high up in the hills outside of Los Angeles. The Society first began decades ago under the guidance of a mysterious leader known as The Founder. They believe in helping people reach a state of Oneness and “orgiastic bliss;” maintaining a conscious awareness of your body from moment to moment, celebrating indulgence and sensation. Most Society members live up on The Mountain full time, rarely if ever venturing down or interacting with people outside of their community.  Only very recently have they ventured down in an official capacity with some regularity. Society members can be identified by their all-white clothing, a white string that they tie to their wrists, and a symbol written on their hand that they must continuously reapply. They have recently created a website, an Instagram account and a Facebook page to better engage with interested parties.


  • TheBoanthropic: The Boanthropic are a mysterious entity, a spirit-like manifestation of trauma that phases in and out of our plane of existence. A new Boanthropic is formed as the last remnant of a person’s spirit is pushed from their body during extreme emotional trauma, leaving their corporeal bodies behind, a living shell boanthropized. Somehow they have asserted themselves into the physical world to guide the resistance movement within the Society, bringing more members into the fold to achieve their goal of rescuing Mary from the Founder and preventing his plans for the Moonchild. They communicate primarily through Beverly using the Instagram account theboanthropic. Krysta has also started a blog to keep track of her and Beverly’s experiences with TheBoanthropic.


  • The Bobo: The tongue in cheek nickname of TheBoanthropic Resistance. They are avowed acolytes of the Wayfarer, following his teachings and protecting the knowledge that he left behind while adopting his penchant for 1980’s technology and aesthetics. It is widely believed that the Bobo is the same resistance movement that Eric “the Black Rose” and Mary are involved in. It is unclear how the Bobo have been able to work in tandem with and receive help from the spirits of TheBoanthropic, as they have admitted repeatedly that, like the Black Rose, none of them have ever actually heard or seen signs of TheBoanthropic in the way Bev or the Pilgrims have. They communicate with the Pilgrims primarily through their Instagram account. Their ally, Eubanks, posts edited clips of mysterious Society footage on his Instagram account @eubankskindrewind


Central Figures

Tad Shafer
Tad Shafer
Prudent Necessary of the Society
The chief spokesperson for The Society and their primary link to the outside world, referred to by the group under the official job title of “Prudent Necessary.” Tad himself is not a member of the Society; he comes and goes as he pleases, visiting the Mountain regularly and enjoying a congenial relationship with those who live there, including the Founder. He is married to a woman named Kari, who has been a member of the group for several years. Tad plays the role of the relatable skeptic, but is deeply protective of the Society when he sees evidence of anyone speaking out against them; especially anything related to the propagation of TheBoanthropic.
Eric Andrew Hoff, also known as ``The Black Rose``
Eric Andrew Hoff, also known as ``The Black Rose``
High ranking Society member and secret Resistance contact
Leading the double life of one of the Society’s most accomplished and visible members and one of the chief architects of a Resistance designed to bring about its downfall, Eric is a warm, spiritual man with the ability to turn on a dime when speaking clandestinely about the cause. Recognized for his charm and magnetic personality, he is the Society member most commonly asked to venture down from the Mountain for recruitment events. He is desperate to aid the pregnant Mary in her plan to escape from the Mountain before it is too late. A strong believer in TheBoanthropic, though he has never seen them nor heard their call. Recently, Eric's behavior has grown erratic, often confused and forgetful, his mind entering what he refers to as ``the Quarter Space.``
Captive Society member, Resistance contact, and mother-to-be of the Moonchild
A longtime member of the Society, Mary appears to be both an active member and the chief mission of the Resistance. She is several months pregnant with what is believed to be the child of the Founder of the Society, likely against her will. Her due date is assumed to be the upcoming Winter Solstice. She has demonstrated an adeptness at covert activities within view of other Society members and has done what she can to recruit and inform new members of the Resistance despite her more restrictive circumstances. She was the first one to implore curious participants to “Save the Moonchild,” likely referring to her own unborn baby. Through notes smuggled out of the compound, the Pilgrims have learned she is currently being held in a cramped cell awaiting the Solstice and rescue.
The Founder
The Founder
Enigmatic, unseen leader of the Society
The mysterious, as of yet unseen leader of the Society. His true identity and history are apparently unknown to his followers. The Founder is the father of Mary’s unborn child and the conception of said pregnancy was likely done under conditions against Mary’s will. Rumors of the Founder are running rampant, with people suggesting that he has certain powers and has actually lived many lives. The Founder’s current age/bodily appearance are in question because of his many purported trips to other dimensions. Believed to have performed satanic rituals at Devil’s Gate Dam as part of an attempt to fulfill the prophecy of the Moonchild. It is presumed that now with Mary his goal is close to completion, though his motivations remain a mystery.
Conduit of the Boanthropic
A proud resident of Montauk, New York, Beverly has been a sporadic conduit of TheBoanthropic for most of her life; the spirits' occasional visits stem from an undisclosed childhood trauma involving her family. She is both deaf and mute. While working with TheBoanthropic does take a toll and sap her strength, she feels complete with their presence and mourns their departure. She has no connection or history related to the Society that she knows of. Beverly communicates the wishes of TheBoanthropic through the Instagram account theboanthropic.
Krysta Doe
Krysta Doe
Beverly's next door neighbor and a Boanthropic ally
The newly eighteen year old next door neighbor of Beverly, helping her maintain the theboanthropic account. She has demonstrated great concern and reliability when caring for Bev or aiding the Pilgrims in potentially dangerous situations and has started a blog about her time with Bev and TheBoanthropic. Has recently left Montauk for Los Angeles in order to do what she can to aid the Resistance. Currently in control of theboanthropic account, passing messages from Mary to the Pilgrims that she has somehow acquired. Taylor Swift's #1 fan!
The Wayfarer
The Wayfarer
Missing Society researcher and Boanthropic ally
A mysterious figure whose exact age, identity, whereabouts, and well-being are unknown. The symbolic figurehead of TheBoanthropic Resistance based on his prior work. He has been described as the foremost authority on the history and practices of the Society apart from actual members. It was his life’s work to unravel the mysteries of the Society and TheBoanthropic, but for whatever reason ceased his activities in 1983 and went into exile. He is characterized by his connection to old technology. His motivations may lie in a connection he had to a woman a long time ago. Evidence found during the Harvest Moon suggest he is still alive and monitoring recent events.
Eubanks P. Coaltrain
Eubanks P. Coaltrain
Instagram personality and creative editor hired by the Resistance
A creative editor who specializes in taking raw home video footage and repurposing it in unusual ways. Over the summer he was contacted by the Resistance and given a series of tapes related to the Society with the instructions that he could manipulate them however he wanted as long as the footage was released. Was recently served a cease and desist letter from the Society, but his work will continue. He is reclusive, choosing to hide his face and real name from the public, and details of his past remain largely unknown.


october, 2022



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